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  1. Sexysagger69


    Omg that first video is ******* hot! When he pulled his pants down under his ass I died a bit
  2. Check out my new album called Candy Cane Sag!

  3. Sexysagger69

    One Direction

    Liam seems to be the lowest sagger of the group from what I've seen. His sag and ass are so sexy!
  4. Sexysagger69

    Sexy Photo Shoot

    Beautiful boy having a hot photo shoot, with a bit of sagging!
  5. Sexysagger69

    Recently Rediscovered Video

    Yeah, I remember this one. It's still great
  6. Sexysagger69

    Mitchel Musso

    Former Disney star Mitchel Musso pulling off a hot sag during a concert. These are from a while back, and I'm not sure what he's doing now, but I wish we'd see more of this fine sag.
  7. Sexysagger69

    Wet Sagger ! :p

    Damn, that was a hot sag! Didn't look like he was sagging that low when he had his shirt on
  8. Sexysagger69

    Exchange Pictures ;)

    Im always down to trade pics. Txt me 6092901965
  9. Sexysagger69

    Another Hot Jerking Sagger!

    Damn, he is fuckin hot and a nice low sagger!
  10. Sexysagger69

    Ryan Sheckler Sagging

    Love this video! He's so hot
  11. Sexysagger69


    mmm hot bod
  12. Sexysagger69


    Hot pic
  13. Sexysagger69


    Those abs are to die for!
  14. Sexysagger69


    damn thats too hot
  15. Sexysagger69


    Wow, that is so hot

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