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  1. New Underwear

    Jockey, Hanes, CK, Tommy, Polo, FTL
  2. Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    Awesome! Nice bush you have then I bet!
  3. Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    Leave au natural.....
  4. Shaving/trimming Leg Hair

    don't like shaved pubes or legs...leave it natural!
  5. Star Trek Voyager

    yeah that's a great show. One of my favorite Star Trek Series.
  6. Contrast Trim Y-front Briefs

    I think they contrasting trim can work and look hot... SO
  7. Changing From Briefs To Boxer Briefs

    and I find briefs hot on I say keep the briefs.
  8. Whats Ur Favourite Skate Shoes?

    Vote Enties..but love the Vans and Adidas I have
  9. College Roommate

    and did he return the favor?
  10. Word Association Game

  11. Word Association Game

  12. Boxer briefs - holes

    I like having the fly fronts much better. With the fly front you can use if you want, but don't have to.
  13. are you cut on uncut?

    And where is your region?
  14. How long can you keep a boner?

    I would say about 2 hour jo online one night too
  15. What are you wearing right now?

    black Jockey briefs with a red waste band