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  1. Do you guys ever unbutton or unzip your pants when you take them off? Or just unbuckle the belt and slide them down?
  2. jonquestor

    New Underwear

    Jockey, Hanes, CK, Tommy, Polo, FTL
  3. jonquestor

    Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    Awesome! Nice bush you have then I bet!
  4. jonquestor

    Shave/trim/leave pubes?

    Leave au natural.....
  5. jonquestor

    Shaving/trimming Leg Hair

    don't like shaved pubes or legs...leave it natural!
  6. jonquestor

    Star Trek Voyager

    yeah that's a great show. One of my favorite Star Trek Series.
  7. jonquestor

    Contrast Trim Y-front Briefs

    I think they contrasting trim can work and look hot... SO
  8. jonquestor

    Changing From Briefs To Boxer Briefs

    and I find briefs hot on guys....so I say keep the briefs.
  9. Hey there dude. Enjoyed your pics!

  10. hello..I missed you on chat

  11. enjoyed chatting with you hit me up agin when you have a chance

  12. jonquestor

    Whats Ur Favourite Skate Shoes?

    Vote Enties..but love the Vans and Adidas I have
  13. How many days, weeks, months, ..... can you go without repeat wearing the same pair of underwear?
  14. Hi hottie Cello master!

  15. jonquestor

    College Roommate

    and did he return the favor?
  16. jonquestor

    Word Association Game

  17. jonquestor

    Word Association Game

  18. long time no chat.hit me up

  19. Hot ass pics man...all of them!

  20. hello...nice chatting with you last night...hope to chat again!

  21. Dude..great chatting with you in the morning. Hope to chat again soon.


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