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    Im Josh, im 14 and from England. i think sagging is kewl, specially when real low in satin boxers :)
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    Love playing soccer and listening to music with my mates
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  1. heyyyyy! hows it goin man?? hit me up sometime...

  2. New amazing blog

    gr8 pics on your blog wish i cud understand what was written, i think its spanish.
  3. just wanted to say hi an thanx 4 all the pics u post its gr8 that u go to all that trouble thank u very much :)

  4. ill see wot i can do for u :)

    1. bendover


      Why is my picture on your profile page?

  5. Introductions!

    hi just actually noticed this welcome thread Names Josh Age: 14 Height: 5'8 Weight: 120lb Sexuality: Gay i think Hobbies: soccer, tennis, music (rap, hardcore dance, jumpstyle) Style: sk8r/baggy/sports Location: England
  6. joshs pics

    some pics of me an m8s
  7. hey thanx for the comment, glad you like :-)

  8. being blown

    well ive wanked an sucked my mate but hes not gay cos hes got a gf but he likes it an hes wanked me off as well
  9. being blown

    ive not done that much really, just wif a couple of mates, but id love to go all the way wif sum1
  10. being blown

    man that wud be so hot
  11. hottest place you ever jacked off?

    probably on a bus on the way home from school

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