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    Would like to come in contact with other saggers.
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  1. Wow! I think the guy in the grey underwear is the hottest. A perfect sag!
  2. Hey! I like your style and how you sag! Keep it that way and post more photos and videos. :D

  3. Crazy and cute. I think the skinny low jeans are so sexy!
  4. He´s hot. A swede and I have not heard about him. Oh, wait. I have it´s Samir from Paradise Hotel.
  5. Sag as low as you like! Don´t care about what people say! I don´t understand why people get so upset about sagging? I don´t get it.
  6. Do you know if Soulja boy always sag below his ****? You see here in this video at 0:08 his bulge above his jeans through his red undies. You see at 0:53, 2:11. I´m not in to his music or smoking thing but he sure has a great sag. I´m not sure if I think it´s a bit too low or not. I can´t believe I waste my time on this... ;-)
  7. I haven´t posted anything for a while here, I haven´t seen so many guys sagging lately and I haven´t been sagging either. But, I still love sagging, I always will. And I watched this video on Youtube. Great sag.
  8. OMG! What a sag and he's touching his private parts.
  9. Key West.
  10. I love this site Saggerworld even though I´m not so active. I´m going to Florida and Key West with my family on vacation over the holidays. I hope I will see some guys sagging and i I get the chance take some photos. And I guess I will sag a bit in my shorts. ;-) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  11. He his sagging low and showing off his red boxer briefs.
  12. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qnOiqvoEmvM
  13. Tyler Wilson sagging.
  14. Nice! The guy with the white undies has a sexy ass. He could sag just a bit lower though.