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  1. Blueswed81


    Starts at 0:40
  2. Blueswed81

    Like it?

    Love the briefs
  3. Blueswed81


    People doing parkour is one good source of sagging , voluntary or not.
  4. Blueswed81

    Grab it for me

    LOve the briefs
  5. Blueswed81

    Messy sag video XD

    nicde briefs
  6. Blueswed81


    Nce adds! Cwalking is such a nice thing to try , and watch Here is some other ones by the guy i posted earlier
  7. Blueswed81


    So i decided to start a thread , I couldn´t seem to find a recent one. from 0:40 I guess it´s not sagging as much as pants slowly sliding down
  8. Blueswed81

    More Jerkers Sagging Low

    Ivé deleted my post, Sorry Dude it was a honest mistake.
  9. Blueswed81

    Jeans attracted to fluff help

    One way that helps surprisingly well is hanging them out a windy ( not to much) day the sun will make the fluff less sticky to the fabric
  10. Blueswed81

    Back to briefs

  11. today is a brief day

  12. Some new pics on their way , (two)

  13. updates now up , tell me what you think.


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