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    Just a general guy really, I started of on the site as a normal member and have worked my way from Moderator to now being proud to Own the site when I purchased it in January 2013. I have had a major interest in sagging since I was about 17. I find it extremely hot and when I started I couldn't stop. I found this site and well here I am today. So yeah that's a little bit about me. As anyone will say I'm more than happy to help anyone so if you have a issue don't be afraid to ask or speak to me. Personally I don't see any question as a silly one!
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    Watching guys, driving, hanging out with mates, swimming, walking and running.
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  1. flameboard

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    That's ok.... he does listen now and then lol
  2. Loving this weather we are having! Rather alot of topless guys with their shorts hanging rather low.... not going to complain about the weather at all haha!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lee249


      Haha. I would've simply made the conversion through Google. Saves faffing about :biggrin:

  3. flameboard


    Indeed some pretty cool and low sagging going on there. Not too bad looking guys either! 9.30 - to the end, especially 16.55 to the end where they go to just boxers lol!
  4. flameboard

    Dancing Sagger

    Thats the one and he is Pfc. Brandon Schrader-Heake, 22, signal support systems specialist (25U).
  5. flameboard

    Dancing Sagger

    His name is Nightmare and also Varyation on YouTube, however he actually no longer does videos as he is in the Army. Infact he was in the news in the states in some areas because he was arrested whilst part of the Army causing issues.
  6. More boxers are available after popular demand!! Only 10 days for these to be available....

    1. Lee249


      Tomorrow i'll have a butchers at your undies (browse for our friends) Got money to spend, don't let me down lol 😀

    2. Lee249


      Nice selection man 😀 I just purchased a pair wooo am excited. Thanks so much👌

  7. flameboard

    Underwear For Sale!

    Hey Guys, Another batch is now available for you all! This has only 10 days of it being online as FOR SALE so be quick to secure them!!
  8. flameboard


    It is indeed him lol
  9. flameboard


    This been around abit and loved it when it first come out. Got to love when they make a joke but have such a hot sag lol
  10. flameboard

    Joshua Suarez--Sagging Pants Prank

    Certainly not like that. How can you even call it a "prank"...
  11. flameboard

    Who can I find this picute?

    Hi there. It is actually from our member Btom8 who can be found here: The album is here: And the image is here:
  12. flameboard

    Underwear For Sale!

    That's a shame. Who knows I may in the future do it again. Fyi also postage is a maximum with me of £10 to like USA or Australia. £7.50 to Europe and then of course the UK.
  13. flameboard

    Underwear For Sale!

    Lol it is not haha, but I do know that they do and well I just sort of I guess think it's nice that they feel that way about me.
  14. flameboard

    Underwear For Sale!

    Hey Guys, So I have slowly been going through all my underwear draws and I have been asked many many times in the past from people about buying my underwear and have obliged where I can. In the process of going through, I have been getting together loads of Size Small that I am happy to part with and that I am offering to you guys! Here is a link to eBay which has all the boxers currently available and this makes it easier for me to manage selling this amount at once and ensures that no-one tries to buy a pair that someone else has already bought. NEW LINK BELOW I have listed all the boxers with number stickers on so you can see which pair it is and then you can select this pair in the drop-down box on eBay. Example:

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