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    Just a general guy really, I started of on the site as a normal member and have worked my way from Moderator to now being proud to Own the site when I purchased it in January 2013. I have had a major interest in sagging since I was about 17. I find it extremely hot and when I started I couldn't stop. I found this site and well here I am today. So yeah that's a little bit about me. As anyone will say I'm more than happy to help anyone so if you have a issue don't be afraid to ask or speak to me. Personally I don't see any question as a silly one!
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    Watching guys, driving, hanging out with mates, swimming, walking and running.
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    Estate Agent
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  1. Always loved that video haha
  2. Oh here we go lol
  3. Hahaha I don't know maybe I should ask the person that arrested me if I have and if I need arresting again hey @TheOther1
  4. PayPal will of course be the safest option for people also. Shipping should be fine as long as on the customs form you class it as a gift and in the price section putting that it is like $25 then it shouldn't be a issue. Never has been for me.
  5. I am wearing the Humor Santiago Drop Crotch pants/jeans in grey.
  6. Just wanted to update you all, this is still something that I am looking into bringing back onto the site. It is looking like there will be a entire buy and sell section for you all to place adverts etc of products etc etc. I am still researching into some at present and ways of doing this, however if it is possible can I see if I can get some more of you to comment if you think this would be used by yourselves or not? Thanks
  7. We did indeed have one and it was closed because just wasn't really used. Can always look to bring it back for you to give it another shot
  8. Exactly that. That's still classed as manslaughter or even murder in some cases. And the USA is not one of the countries you can just kill someone.
  9. It was rather different tbh but as TheOther1 said message him what you said if you want second opinion. Either way it wasn't being posted.... Btw the end of that post had me in hysterics.
  10. Discussions of a nature that are not required on here but more so not in public. If he wishes to he can PM you with the message.
  11. Pretty entertaining watch and didnt mind watching what they were doing either tbh haha! Not bad looking guys and nice sag.
  12. Haha well nice sagging. The second video is rather funny too lol. So who actually is he? Like was he just a blogger as such?
  13. Some nice finds there mate. To me I personally think that the last one is just too low imo.
  14. Sagging in wet jeans with shaving cream makes me horny as hell !!!

    Leads to ripping them off and going for real action !!! Try it yourself and get awesome !!!



    1. SexySaggerYo
    2. TheOther1


      LOL. I can assure you, you will not see flameboard do that haha.

    3. flameboard


      HAHA well... Yeah dont think this will be for me. Not sure its my sort of thing tbh :)

  15. Agreed, there is some damn fantastic sags and as you say the positions are pretty impressive haha!