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    Just a general guy really, I started of on the site as a normal member and have worked my way from Moderator to now being proud to Own the site when I purchased it in January 2013. I have had a major interest in sagging since I was about 17. I find it extremely hot and when I started I couldn't stop. I found this site and well here I am today. So yeah that's a little bit about me. As anyone will say I'm more than happy to help anyone so if you have a issue don't be afraid to ask or speak to me. Personally I don't see any question as a silly one!
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    Watching guys, driving, hanging out with mates, swimming, walking and running.
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  1. So this has been making the rounds again on the Facebook group, The LAD Bible. The guy has clearly been sagging his pants during the evening, BUT has also clearly had one too many to drink lol! He is trying to eat his kebab but keeps stumbling and is more interested in saving his kebab that he doesn't realise that his jeans are getting lower and lower until they fall off lol! STILL he is just more interested in the kebab rofl!!
  2. There isn't really many more than whats posted unfortunately. In all the new videos they are not really sagging
  3. My other half would deffo agree with that!
  4. Chromecast (mainly as never heard of the other haha) Airbus or Boeing?
  5. Nice mate, Cool boxers in that second video too!
  6. Black Hollister long sleeve tshirt, blue skinny TopMan jeans and orange zebra print Ethikas
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  9. At 1min is nice in this one too haha! Keeps pulling up in this though: All way thru in Grey Boxers, at 2.06 they clearly get VERY low and only a half second glimpse of it then but u can tell.
  10. Happy birthday mate!! Hope you're gonna celebrate with a new pair of bbs 😆🎁🎂🎈🎉🎊

  11. Spring. Audi or BMW?
  12. Love them Bjorn Borgs. What a great design and nice and low sag too. Silly fool doing that though lol
  13. What's his Snapchat mate?
  14. It is. It's just such a shame there hasn't been more from him. That's just brilliant in this video.