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  • Biography Just a general guy really, I started of on the site as a normal member and have worked my way from Moderator to now being proud to Own the site when I purchased it in January 2013. I have had a major interest in sagging since I was about 17. I find it extremely hot and when I started I couldn't stop. I found this site and well here I am today. So yeah that's a little bit about me. As anyone will say I'm more than happy to help anyone so if you have a issue don't be afraid to ask or speak to me. Personally I don't see any question as a silly one!
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  1. I'm thinking that for most people it would be best that if you would like to reply to this to do it in a Personal Message to keep it abit more private etc.
  2. Mc biel sagging!

  3. Luke Franks sagging skinny jeans

    Good to see this one again. Agreed he does have a awesome skinny sag.
  4. Pulling Up Sagging Pants Prank

    Im more concerned that at 2:03 a GUN fell out of his pants! Unbelievable!
  5. Searching for a hotel.

    Couldn't really get a better location tbh
  6. Stolen your friends or random guy underwear

    Lol this is very true!
  7. Female saggers

    Alot of the time the ones that do that I know are lesbians. Nothing against that of course but to me I don't know a single straight one that does.
  8. Some Sagging

    Not too bad at all Including the one part where he bends over Infront of the camera.
  9. Body hair

    I keep everything trimmed.
  10. DoeMaarGamen - YouTuber

    Hmm, Well from the last video I think it is just how tight the jeans are and the shading on them. Who knows. I guess there was that one video where he stripped down to boxers and was abit then. I thought that, think for these ones maybe he has gone one size too small for him compared to normal.
  11. Can i just say how mesmerising your Beach and Arcades album is. It's by far the best one in your back catalogue. Also my personal fave of yours. Overall, an excellent album containing wonderful pics. Well done! 



  12. Tied up drunk sagger

    Haha what have you been searching lol. But not a bad sag going on there.
  13. The site was offline for a short period today, this was too allow for us to implement some important changes and upgrade to 4.1.9. The biggest change being with the Activity Stream and Unread Content sections. Activity Streams were first introduced in version 4.1 and have been very well received by people who enjoy all the flexibility they create in filtering and sorting content in a community for easy discovery of what is being posted. As with any new feature, we received a lot of feedback and Invision Power Serviceshave had time to take that in and make improvements to mature the Activity Streams with key changes in 4.1.9 being interface, performance, and bug fixes in the system. One recurring theme we heard were people saying "the new Activity Streams cannot do..." when actually they could do it but the options were not obvious. We used to have the options in a large drop down box that users could edit and then save to update their Stream. This meant that options were not clearly visible and therefore people did not even know all the powerful settings available to them. So in 4.1.9 we have moved those options into a new dynamic filter bar. With the new filter bar you see all your options available right there. We also changed the interface so Streams instantly update when you make a change. You no longer have to click save and update, wait for interface to collapse, and so on. Now your changes instantly update your Stream. When you do change your Stream settings a save button appears prompting you to save your new selection. You can choose to save if you like the new options or not if it is just a temporary change you made. If you edit filters on a stream you do not own then it will prompt you to save your options as a new stream. You now have full and total control right there at your fingertips. Please let either Me or TheOther1 know if there is any issues that you experience since the new upgrade.
  14. come and see my sag here http://tinychat.com/lowridersagger  the password is lowrider83

  15. would like to cam and sag for and with you please come here http://tinychat.com/lowridersagger

    1. flameboard


      Sorry I was not around then.

    2. lowrider


      around now and on a computer?