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  1. flameboard

    Word Association Game

    I have seen this on a few forums now and we don't seem to have one! Its just totally for fun! Its a pretty easy concept really, i'l start by posting a word and all you have to do is post the first thing that pops into you head, then the next person has to follow up from your word etc etc. Try and keep it clean please!! Ok so i'l start: Plane
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  3. flameboard

    2 Walking Saggers

    So, A guy I subscribe to on YT has uploaded 2 great videos! One where the sag just gets lower and lower even after he pulls them up which is the first one: Then this one where you can clearly see the guy is sagging his chinos however not really any boxers on show which is a shame as would say he is like half ass easy:
  4. flameboard

    2 videos of saggers stripe boxers + high tops

    This is from 2015 so guessing the video owner removed and hidden them lol. Surprised this thread has come up again lol
  5. It is indeed only US as both the sender and the receiver have to be a US registered phone number and account. Thanks for the suggestion though
  6. Hey, No worries these things happen. At present we do not plan on incorporating another way of donating to the site except via PayPal. Thank you for your support however it is greatly appreciated.
  7. flameboard

    Daniele Negroni

    Very nice and he has deffo grown up lol! Like the style! Not bad sagging in here too, especially nice view from 2.10 onwards of the front but tbh, throughout video also.
  8. flameboard

    Word Association Game

  9. Hey Guys, So as you are all aware, since we have completed some back end updates and implemented the HTTPS on the site, we have been unable to use the chat system that we found after IPS stopped the integrated software on the site. I know that this has caused a issue for some, along with people getting disheartened thinking that we were not interested in bringing a chat back. This is not the case at all and it has just been a struggle to find anything that is suitable, especially for a forum. We have been trolling through many different versions and all have not been acceptable or cost a significant figure. I am pleased to say however, we have now found a chat system that we are happy with and that we would invite you to all join! Unfortunately the system is not able to be integrated into this site and so will be running on a separate tab on your PC, BUT the bonus is, you can also install a FREE Mobile App on both Android and IOS devices!! Alot of people have asked about this in the past and so this is something that can be done! We have chosen the chat software Discord. To join the new chat system, please click THIS INVITE LINK so that you can register with the chat system. I do KINDLY ask that when registering, you register with the SAME username as on this site. I have placed a button on the header page of the site, HOWEVER you must register with the link above first before this will give you access to the chat room. We have created two chat pages, Sagging Chat and General Chat for you to join in the bulk conversation. We also have a Voice Chat Room, this is so when you click on it, you will start transmitting voice to talk with anyone else in this public chat room. Not only that but you can of course send Private Direct Messages via this system to anyone that is registered along with doing Video and Voice Calls to these people! You can also send photos in both Public Chats and Private Chat Rooms. Please note, there is a BOT currently in place that is looking to stop anyone spamming to keep it good for all. We do apologise for how long it has taken to come up with something! However, we hope that you like this version now. I for one do and love that you can have the mobile app available too for this. I of course welcome any feedback etc and look forward to seeing you all join the chat. If you experience any issues with either the system, or with people in it, please PM either me or @TheOther1 and we will be glad to assist. Thanks again for your patience.
  10. flameboard

    Zach Clayton

    Nice sagging and good to see but a shame his miming is crap lol
  11. flameboard

    jeans with rips and holes

    I have a few pairs with rips in, some more than others. This is one of the pairs anyway.
  12. Gallery/Album Photo Uploading Rules All pictures must follow these rules to get approved and be visible on the website. Adult Content Will Not Be Approved Any pictures that contains adult content or suggests adult content will be rejected and the users account maybe removed and/or banned. Please keep in mind that SaggerWorld.com is NOT a over 18 site and welcomes users of all ages! We will be accepting photos of "Bulges" as we understand this is the way some people sag! HOWEVER we will only be accepting these of users over 18, and we will not be accepting photos that show "Boners" Copyright / Logo's Are Not Permitted Your picture must not contain a copyright or logo from another website, this includes URLs to other websites. No Pictures From People Under The Age Of 16 A user uploading pictures that is under 16 will not have there pictures approved also if the person in the picture is believed to be under the age of 16 years old it again will be removed. This is to comply with Canadian, US and UK law! No Altered Content Pictures may not be extremely altered from their original form. Some alterations such as making your picture black and white will be allowed, but any alterations that cause the picture to drastically change your looks will be rejected. No Duplicate Pictures If you have the same picture numerous times in your albums they will be rejected and deleted. No Fake Pictures This means that if your picture which you claim to be yourself is believed to be fake and not you the SaggerWorld.com staff may reject your picture as a fake. The only way to get it approved again is to upload a valid picture with a piece of paper displaying SaggerWorld.com written on which will then show this is a actual picture of yourself. Note: If you do not obey by this request within a certain time period after your picture has been rejected as a fake your album will be deleted or your account banned. SaggerWorld Discretion SaggerWorld and its staff reserves the right to prohibit or delete photos that are thought to violate applicable laws or that may be harmful to other members, the websites that comprise SaggerWorld or the rights of others. We reserve the right to remove your membership from SaggerWorld should you violate these Guidelines.
  13. flameboard

    Twister challenge

    ok at 3.42 yeah that is rather hot, shows his arse well and love how loose the jeans get away from his body so they slip down abit more.
  14. flameboard

    Men's butts

    Agree the arse is where it is. Like when walking you can see a guy coming towards you that looks not too bad looking and so have a look but then have to have a cheeky look behind as he walks past to see if he is sagging or for potential he does lol. @TheOther1 will confirm I do this rather alot rofl.
  15. flameboard

    Skater Style

    This is a classic video. Not many others have been like this since.
  16. flameboard

    Sagging gym pants!

    Hmm well this account didn't last long....
  17. flameboard

    Hot sagger on twitter (Lil Steph)

    Never heard of this guy. Who is he lol?
  18. flameboard


    A little at start and odd bits throughout.... BUT main bit from 3.10 to the end......
  19. flameboard

    young saggers

    Exactly this.
  20. flameboard


    Well... he cannot sing to save his life, the song is crap, but well the sag is the lowest I seen in a long time! Way below his di*k which is clearly obvious in it with the fitting of the boxers.
  21. flameboard

    Saggerworld calendar

    Hey. Sorry no this year we will not be. We didn't last year either due to the significant reduction in uptake in 2016 and it was proving not viable to be creating.
  22. flameboard

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    That's ok.... he does listen now and then lol
  23. flameboard


    So here is another vid from Gangthelabel! Best from 55seconds onwards: Think you all already seen this one but its one my favorites from them! Love how his silk boxers make the jeans lower and lower, and give a great front sag at the end of the video!!
  24. Loving this weather we are having! Rather alot of topless guys with their shorts hanging rather low.... not going to complain about the weather at all haha!

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      Haha. I would've simply made the conversion through Google. Saves faffing about :biggrin:


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