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  1. yo homie i need to talk to u

    1. Dillon


      What's up dawg

  2. feeling sad :crying:

    1. Lee249


      Sup mate? 

    2. CJS90


      lee i just feel sad

  3. u free ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. saggbboo


      3 hours ago, Dillon said:

      ya bro now anyways.. but I was put in handcuffs and shackles for like 2 hours and sat in the room until they figured out what they wanna do with me I gotta report back in Monday

      TSK TSK dillion... why you always wait till the last minute.

    3. Dillon


      I forgot bro 


      I'm free now for the minute anyways

    4. Dillon


       basically I gotta work on 'da sheriff's farm and plant potatoes for 6 hours and that's it

  4. What are you wearing right now?

    Basketball Shorts and Ae Boxers with a ua tanktop
  5. Picture ideas

    what jeans are they?
  6. I need some help sagging guys thx


  7. hey u remember me ? and u stay in philly?

  8. day off

    do u have shorts?
  9. day off

    go baggy jeans
  10. day off

    ok what style jeans you got?
  11. day off

    fill the tub of soapy water and start sag alittle bit till below your ass
  12. day off

    awesome job jayme115
  13. day off

    shower in jeans no belt and bbs with a tanktop if u have have that
  14. day off

    ok do u have a creek near by ? ifso get wet
  15. day off

    do u have jeans and handcuffs?

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