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  1. Anonan

    Hot sagger in German ad

    Yap. "Lowered loading dock / sill / edge" (of a car). Technical terms are always hard to translate, but that translation should be about right. And yes, as you said, it's amazingly ambiguous :D I mean, many women, gays (and of course, closeted straight guys) would like an easily accessible "loading dock", wouldn't they? ;) Great sag and hot guy, anyway!
  2. Anonan

    Hot sagger in German ad

    Oh, cool lol
  3. Anonan


    Another pointless Youtube channel. But well, who cares as long as his sags are hot
  4. Anonan

    Best video yet!

    Wow! I'm speechless! Please more of him
  5. Anonan

    Fit of the day

    More please!
  6. Anonan

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Sagging fits this guy really well. Go to minutes: 0:56, 2:33, 3:11, 3:33 and especially 4:20
  7. Anonan

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Watch this guy's videos:
  8. I've uploaded a new video on my XTube. Search for "Nihilentius" and check out my sag and smoke. :)

    1. saggbboo


      u like rubbing your hands against ur ass ;)

    2. carguy83


      Sexiest Videos ever!!! Wish I was playing with that c**k!

    3. Bagga22


      Almost convinced me to buy one of you other vids.. ;)


  9. Anonan

    Help me sagging lower

    Indeed, get a long tee (not to be confused with tall tee!). That's what I do. A long tee is slim tailored and long, so it covers up all of your bum and therefore underwear, which allows you to sag lower comfortably. A long tee shifts the attention from the ass more towards your upper body i.e. torso and head, which means that your low hanging back pockets and crotch don't catch people's eyes so much. Depending on the situation, I even sag below c**k that way. Your bulge popping out between the bottom of your long shirt and your belt won't even be noticed if you draw the attention to your upper body by wearing a prominent long shirt and a snapback cap for example. (I've been testing that on several guys by now ) You can also use long, big hoodies, necklaces, backpacks etc. Let me warn you about backpacks though: Because your shirt or hoodie will definitely get stuck, ride up and reveal your bum.
  10. I'm not straight myself (maybe just a bit), but I've been talking to quite some straight saggers over the years now, who enjoy talking about anything concerning sagging and will readily jack off to pictures of saggers or even w**k in front of cam with other guys, i.e. saggers. However, it would be very wrong to conclude from that denial and a hidden homosexual desire as for them, it is more an expression of trust, bond and playfulness. I once had contact with a german sagger who was very clear about it: He was straight and jacked off to saggers, but according to him, he wouldn't ever let a guy touch him sexually and vice-versa. His romantic and sexual desire was directed to women, not men. Just a small part of his sexuality - the fetish for sagging - was directed towards men and it didn't go beyond jacking off to pictures of it. So to me, jacking off to sagging guys and being straight do not at all contradict each other, because the majority of straight saggers, I assume, only have interest in sexual/romantic relationships with women, and their certainly varying sexual interest for men is very limited within the boundaries of the sagging fetish; and you shouldn't forget that for most straight saggers out there, it isn't even a fetish that they'd be aware of, but rather a habit of comfortably wearing their trousers that they think looks cool - there are more saggers running around out there than there are saggers registered here, and most are straight and do not think anything of it. In fact, I as a gay guy enjoy camming and talking to straight saggers more, because they - like me - tend to focus on sagging itself more and are not very keen on showing/seeing skin and cocks but on showing off different styles and kinds of sags. In conclusion: No, jacking off to saggers as a straight guy doesn't make you gay in one way or another.
  11. Anonan

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Keep your eyes on the guy in the white tank top, especially from 2:10 on:
  12. Anonan


    How old were you when you first started to smoke? - 17 or 18. How did you get your first cigarette? - First occasionally from friends, then started to buy packs myself. How old are you now? - 23 Are you still a smoker? - Yes. What brand do you smoke? - Marlboros or Chesterfields. How many packs a day do you smoke? - More or less half a pack. Boxers or boxer briefs? - Both.
  13. Since I'm gay I will never have children, but if I had a boy and he wants to sag, I would allow him to do it from 8 or 10 onwards. Of course, I would encourage him by giving him money to buy clothes and underwear and give him advices as to where and when to heighten his sag or completely refuse from sagging.

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