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  1. J'aime bien ton corps mince et ta peau me semble très douce et sans défaut. Merci.
  2. I really like this style. Please make us happy by uploading some more pictures.
  3. Beautiful skin.
  4. A dominant, smoking, (optionally) muscular chav wearing a snapback, sagging jeans of any kind with a big belt as well as high-tops or sneaks. Or I might as well just say BaggyKevin: If only I could be like him or have him as boyfriend If anybody knows how to effectively get in contact with him, tell me, lol.
  5. Yes, I've noticed him. Not only does he have a real twink body but a great, variable sag, too! He might be here? I would really like to meet up with him and put his little bum to the test
  6. That guy looks cool. Nice double-sag, handsome beard and hair. Thumbs up for him.
  7. The driver is an *******, whereas the sagger is gorgeous. Seems like a nice, laid-back guy. I hope he didn't get discouraged by that stupid ass bastard.
  8. Check this one out. Obviously, this guy doesn't normally sag. But hell, he'd be an awesome sagger for sure! We should leave some lines in the comment section to encourage him
  9. I was 9 or 10 years old and I've already had a massive fetish for sagging back then. I remember pulling my trousers lower whenever I could around my friends and daring them to do the same. That always gave me a boner which wanted to get jacked off. (I made excuses to go away from them for a while to have a quick w*nk.) As I read many did as well: Humping my bed while sagging was something I often did, too. You could say I was sagging and wanking whenever I had the chance, really, it was crazy. Where does my fetish for sagging come from? I really don't know... But it was around that time where I began to look at celebrity saggers on TV and the cool sagging guys around me. No idea why it made me so horny... F*ck, I love sagging
  10. That's coming a bit late, but anyway: Thanks for choosing me as Sagger of the month :)

    1. flameboard


      Haha your welcome dude.

  11. Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing! Hope to see more of you soon.
  12. Congrats, You were my Sagger of The Month for April! Awesome photo :)

    1. Anonan


      Thanks a lot, man!

  13. I have finally uploaded the fourth part of my story "The Phone". Feel free to have a look. For all who have been waiting for it so long: my apologies.

    1. jack199801


      where can we see your pics?

  14. Very awesome sag, man!