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  1. Whew... Calm down, buddy. I know some straight saggers who find female saggers attractive. As far as I know, it is stated nowhere that female saggers can't be discussed here. And it's not like you're forced to participate and look at pictures of them. So, just relax.
  2. Low sagger getting pranked at 0:46
  3. Sagger putting salt and ice into his belly button. Don't ask me why. And don't ask me how the hell I've stumbled across this video. Lol.
  4. I do like sleeveless/sideless shirts and I'm glad they're becoming more and more popular. However, you really need to be a rather tall, lean and muscular guy with hairless and good skin if you want to look good in them. I'm slender, but I'm neither too tall nor very muscular. And my skin is by no means perfect. And this is exactly why I don't wear them. I simply wouldn't do myself a favour. So yeah. If you're a "hunk" or a "pretty boy", go for it.
  5. I have the same impression. Many bisexual men, and even straight men, who allowed another guy penetrate them orally as a one-off experience, have reported that (gay/bi) men actually seem to enjoy and like s*cking the D. They appear to show more passion and genuine enjoyment. Whereas women often seem to view fellatio as a "necessary evil" to get the guy into the right mood for "real" sex. No doubt, there are women who may genuinely enjoy giving BJs, but all too often, it seems that even in p*rn, where they professionally aim to give an impression of pleasure and enjoyment while performing
  6. Karfa. His style and sag are flawless. Am I the only one who prefers c-walk saggers in jeans?
  7. Totally agree with you. You can sag this low if the outfit is put together well. Instead of three non-matching boxers, he should have just put on one pair of boxershorts under basketball shorts with his trousers around his knees and a long or tall tee/hoodie to finish it off, similar to Jace's outfit. The low level of his trousers doesn't bug me. It can work if you do it right.
  8. The guy in the white hat is Colin "Scummy" Morrison, a freestyle motocross rider. He was a low sagger back in 2006 when this video was shot. Though he doesn't wear those big tall tees anymore and doesn't show his underwear as much, you can still see him sag on his instagram @colin_scummy_morrison, where he posts current stuff. He also does reposts from past days: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwGQkTxBy6V/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. What do you think about this sag? In my opinion, it would have been better if he had put on a long or tall tee with such a low sag.
  10. Most people think it's weird when a straight guy watches gay po*n every now and then. And I'm sure many suspect them to be secretly homosexual upon discovering that they sometimes watch gay pornography. I'd have to strongly disagree with that, and here's why: I'm gay and I sometimes enjoy watching certain kinds of straight or even lesbian po*n, because I'm more likely to find or satisfy certain preferences or fetishes by searching straight/lesbian po*n categories. I'll give you an example. I'm kinda into size differences and contrasts (i. e. very dark skinned vs. very pale, or tall and bu
  11. I agree. His sag wasn't even that low, barely noticeable even, because his jeans were rather skinny. It's really strange to me how some people (very few, fortunately) can get so angry about something so trivial. Sagging doesn't hurt anybody. I'm glad people were on the sagging employee's side. Also, the woman's reaction was amazing xD
  12. My OnlyFans is up and running now. Feel free to subscribe:


  13. This video randomly popped up on YouTube. It's a positive story about a bullied boy who eventually got some help from two friends. One of those friends (the darker one) has a nice sag going on throughout the video:
  14. Hottie Luke Mockridge with a nice cap and a classic jeans sag. First glimpse at 3:13, front sag at 6:17, best part from 9:28 till the end: 4:16 and 7:32: Nice sitting sag throughout:
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