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  1. Most people think it's weird when a straight guy watches gay po*n every now and then. And I'm sure many suspect them to be secretly homosexual upon discovering that they sometimes watch gay pornography. I'd have to strongly disagree with that, and here's why: I'm gay and I sometimes enjoy watching certain kinds of straight or even lesbian po*n, because I'm more likely to find or satisfy certain preferences or fetishes by searching straight/lesbian po*n categories. I'll give you an example. I'm kinda into size differences and contrasts (i. e. very dark skinned vs. very pale, or tall and bulky vs. short and skinny etc.). I've discovered that I can get more satisfying results by looking for that kind of preference/fetish in the straight categories as women are naturally more petite than men. This makes for a better contrast. If you try and look for that in gay po*n, you'll often be disappointed, because the "small and skinny guy" will almost always still be a little too tall and athletic. Same goes for tit f*cking. You can be into that and still be gay. It only means you've got a kink or preference (call it what you like) which requires women to be involved. It doesn't mean you're going to go out looking for a woman to date or even build a sexual and romantic relationship with her. One day, I stumbled upon a po*n video where the guy stuck his balls into the woman's a**hole and his d*ck into her v*gina simultaneously. I found it interesting immediately! That's not possible with two men, but did I care or did it diminish my excitement? Not really. And neither did it make me feel any less gay, nor did it incite any desire to have sex with a woman, let alone date one. I just accept that there are aspects in my sexuality which can involve women, but they are very limited and cannot qualify me as being bisexual or even straight. Now try and apply these thoughts to men, particularly to the straight guys on here with a fetish for sagging, men's underwear or sneaks. Just because some of their kinks, preferences or fetishes necessarily involve men as an important part (in po*n, in this case), it doesn't make them any less straight. I understand it may be difficult for them to admit they occasionally watch gay po*n to satisfy certain preferences, like those mentioned above, but perhaps they would feel more at peace with themselves if they thought of it my way.
  2. Anonan

    Sagger Assaulted at Walmart

    I agree. His sag wasn't even that low, barely noticeable even, because his jeans were rather skinny. It's really strange to me how some people (very few, fortunately) can get so angry about something so trivial. Sagging doesn't hurt anybody. I'm glad people were on the sagging employee's side. Also, the woman's reaction was amazing xD
  3. My OnlyFans is up and running now. Feel free to subscribe:


  4. This video randomly popped up on YouTube. It's a positive story about a bullied boy who eventually got some help from two friends. One of those friends (the darker one) has a nice sag going on throughout the video:
  5. Anonan


    He's cute, but you should have blurred their faces. I hate to say it
  6. Anonan

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Hottie Luke Mockridge with a nice cap and a classic jeans sag. First glimpse at 3:13, front sag at 6:17, best part from 9:28 till the end: 4:16 and 7:32: Nice sitting sag throughout:
  7. Anonan

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    The tall guy is a pro:
  8. Anonan

    Swiss TV doc

    LOL, I've never heard the likes. Total bullsh*t.
  9. Anonan

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    Well, there are the fetishes that are borderline unhealthy, dangerous and insane (r*pe play, feces, choking etc.), and there are the one's that are just weird and curious. Objectophilia, for example, (sexual or romantic attraction towards inanimate objects) is a thing I don't get at all. I've heard of people being in love with and making love to lorries, organs (the musical instrument, not the insides lol) or toy cars. In general however, I can at least imagine why someone would be aroused by certain things, even if they may be gross or controversial in one way or another.
  10. Anonan

    Twister challenge

    You can see he really wants his sag and underwear to be seen, holding his arms up high often, pulling jeans down (6:22), etc.
  11. Anonan

    COPS / Live PD

    "Get a picture of my abs." "I'm a chocolate swiss guy myself." xD
  12. Anonan

    神獅/SAG DOWN PANTS feat.K-YO

  13. Anonan

    Pornstars sagging

    Love how confident he is sagging.
  14. Anonan

    I found this

    Not sure, but I've seen him often wearing stuff from DC.
  15. Anonan

    I found this

    Basically sagging throughout:

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