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  1. Anonan

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    The tall guy is a pro:
  2. Anonan

    Swiss TV doc

    LOL, I've never heard the likes. Total bullsh*t.
  3. Anonan

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    Well, there are the fetishes that are borderline unhealthy, dangerous and insane (r*pe play, feces, choking etc.), and there are the one's that are just weird and curious. Objectophilia, for example, (sexual or romantic attraction towards inanimate objects) is a thing I don't get at all. I've heard of people being in love with and making love to lorries, organs (the musical instrument, not the insides lol) or toy cars. In general however, I can at least imagine why someone would be aroused by certain things, even if they may be gross or controversial in one way or another.
  4. Anonan

    Twister challenge

    You can see he really wants his sag and underwear to be seen, holding his arms up high often, pulling jeans down (6:22), etc.
  5. Anonan

    COPS / Live PD

    "Get a picture of my abs." "I'm a chocolate swiss guy myself." xD
  6. Anonan

    神獅/SAG DOWN PANTS feat.K-YO

  7. Anonan

    Pornstars sagging

    Love how confident he is sagging.
  8. Anonan

    I found this

    Not sure, but I've seen him often wearing stuff from DC.
  9. Anonan

    I found this

    Basically sagging throughout:
  10. Anonan

    I found this

    Great find. Ive been browsing through some of his videos and it seems as though this guy is in his mid/late twenties and has retained much of the skater style that was common in his (and my) teenage years, wearing at least a half-ass sag as a default.
  11. Anonan

    Pornstars sagging

    @Rosachange321 Please, send me the links as well :)
  12. Anonan

    Hot Saggers Doing Stupid Stuff

    Japanese guy talking about sagging: Same guy acting as Justin Bieber: ...and popping bubble wrap (sag visible from 1:48 on):
  13. Anonan

    Hot sagger in German ad

    Yap. "Lowered loading dock / sill / edge" (of a car). Technical terms are always hard to translate, but that translation should be about right. And yes, as you said, it's amazingly ambiguous :D I mean, many women, gays (and of course, closeted straight guys) would like an easily accessible "loading dock", wouldn't they? ;) Great sag and hot guy, anyway!
  14. Anonan

    Hot sagger in German ad

    Oh, cool lol
  15. Anonan


    Another pointless Youtube channel. But well, who cares as long as his sags are hot

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