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  1. Europe, uncircumcised. There is no good reason, except medical, to remove healthy, protective skin from a perfectly healthy baby boy. And I don't get why it has become so common among non-muslim and non-jewish Americans, i.e. the majority.
  2. In case some of you were wondering. That crazy dude still exists, still sags and still does p*rn on his OF.
  3. This guy seems to enjoy smoking outside rocking low sags.
  4. German C-Walker Laphstarz. He is more active on his Instagram where he sags in pretty much all of his videos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CZpcOG0Aq9K/ Sometimes he likes to drop them for fun. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEyaPz4KVrK/
  5. In the first season of a German TV show called "Die Jungs-WG", there is a guy by the name of Alexey, who is a total sagger, wearing the skater style common among guys in my region during the time this has been filmed (2009). You basically only have to take a look at the Justin Bieber haircuts to know what time that was, lol. There's a playlist of the first season of the show on Youtube. Alexey is the first to be introduced:
  6. Getting purposely wet, muddy or gooey isn't really my thing. It can be exciting to be rushing through unexpected heavy rain on a hot summer's day. That special scent, atmosphere, feeling of refreshment and hastiness that such situations create can make for a certain sense of general consent and intimacy among people, especially in the company of a hot sagger friend. I also like it when my damp, slightly wet jeans get heavier (and thereby lower) after walking through rain. However, purposely getting soaking wet or covered in mud as seen on this site isn't my thing at all. It doesn't do any
  7. Not sure if you can call that sagging either. On all the photos, there isn't the slightest hint of underwear visible. You might even think he goes commando. Anyway, thanks for sharing this funny story. Keep us updated.
  8. This is obviously staged, but the sagging is real: 1:23 For anyone who's more into unposed, authenic sags, videos of "pranks in the hood" are generally a good source.
  9. Would be better if the film was about turning the "weird outsider guy" into an even hotter sagger than the "bad guy", instead of just turning him into your everyday pretty boy, lol.
  10. Sagger putting salt and ice into his belly button. Don't ask me why. And don't ask me how the hell I've stumbled across this video. Lol.
  11. I do like sleeveless/sideless shirts and I'm glad they're becoming more and more popular. However, you really need to be a rather tall, lean and muscular guy with hairless and good skin if you want to look good in them. I'm slender, but I'm neither too tall nor very muscular. And my skin is by no means perfect. And this is exactly why I don't wear them. I simply wouldn't do myself a favour. So yeah. If you're a "hunk" or a "pretty boy", go for it.
  12. I have the same impression. Many bisexual men, and even straight men, who allowed another guy penetrate them orally as a one-off experience, have reported that (gay/bi) men actually seem to enjoy and like s*cking the D. They appear to show more passion and genuine enjoyment. Whereas women often seem to view fellatio as a "necessary evil" to get the guy into the right mood for "real" sex. No doubt, there are women who may genuinely enjoy giving BJs, but all too often, it seems that even in p*rn, where they professionally aim to give an impression of pleasure and enjoyment while performing
  13. Karfa. His style and sag are flawless. Am I the only one who prefers c-walk saggers in jeans?
  14. Totally agree with you. You can sag this low if the outfit is put together well. Instead of three non-matching boxers, he should have just put on one pair of boxershorts under basketball shorts with his trousers around his knees and a long or tall tee/hoodie to finish it off, similar to Jace's outfit. The low level of his trousers doesn't bug me. It can work if you do it right.
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