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  1. Saggerworlds choice

  2. Saggerworlds Choice

    Pics for ppl who ask for pics in thread all pics will go here starting with these
  3. Saggerworlds choice

  4. Saggerworlds choice

    Double sag or single I'll try both lol
  5. Holidays sagging pics

    I had an idea where on each holiday I would take pics sagging in festive boxers. I'll celebrate the holidays with everyone bc exposing my sag exposes my holiday celebration lol Would like ideas of what boxers to celebrate with by showing. Will buy too from store. Also if u guys would like to have me show my holiday spirit by different types of underwear.
  6. Saggerworlds choice

    Thanks any u want to see
  7. Saggerworlds choice

  8. Double Sag

  9. Saggerworlds choice

    No problems lol. Here is the boxers I have to use too
  10. Bros: Why do you sag your pants?

    I usually sag a quarter to half way down. I like sagging bc I like to show off the boxers 😊
  11. Random Pics

    Pics showing random sags over a few years
  12. Saggerworlds choice

    Hey everyone I'm up for taking some pics of requests you guys have. Including boxers color (got most colors), type of pants jeans or shorts, how high or low to sag and if u want a shirt or not and color. But im excited to see what requests I can achieve for everyone. Need fresh ideas from everyone on here pls. Fill my comments with multiple pics I can take and post for everyone's enjoyment. If u want anything super special pls pm me to inbox
  13. Sag

    Showing off some of my favorite boxers and multiple shots of my exposed white boxers
  14. I'm interested to know what fetishes you have pics of 

    1. SkylarStormdale


      Pictures can be found on my Tumblr site.


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