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    Definitely not as popular as they use to be, but I still see them, and wear them sometimes. I classic pair of polo boxers will always be around I think. Every time I'm in NY, I see designer belts sagged with polo drawers.
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    I always think bbs are bball shorts, honestly.
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    When I started sagging in the mid 90's everyone was wearing boxer shorts by the early 2010's now everyone is sagging boxer briefs.
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    Yea in Texas guys still wear them and sag them though I really don’t like them it’s mainly Hispanics and blacks who wear them and red neck white guys
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    Yeah, I can see that. I do have some old stuff I like or I'd like to wear regularly.
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    For me it’s not a particular pair it’s something different, new or that I haven’t worn for a while, I like the change makes me feel good.
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    I have a pair of leather low rise skinny pants that shows 6 inches of my underwear and the pants are so tight it shows the outline of my package
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    Nine times out of ten i wear jeans or sweats. I rarely wear anything else like Chinos which is something I'm hoping to change. It has crossed my mind recently. It'll be great to try something new 😀
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    Baggy basketball shorts especially without any underwear makes me horny
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    Yeah, I'm kinda like this. I have a lotta pants and jeans I like getting familiar with.
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    Any saggers in the midwest, Minnesota preferred, trying to hang out?
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    I just seen this. Will get around to it soon mate. Thanks for the note!
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    I have a pair of the old style baggy JNCO types jeans that get me horny as hell when I wear them. I almost always have to jerk off atleast once before I do anything
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    No worries. Ok, I had wandered why you hadn't even seen it but hey ho. Speak soon bud. x
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    Yes, that would be great dude I've been busy this week, so i apologise for not keeping in touch on FB in regards to your message. Speak soon, Lee
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    I'd happily join ya. As I have put some weight on my jeans slide down as i climb stairs etc.... Be great to buddy up sometime! X
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    My black Nike track pants size Boys XL. I am 31 years old and can fit into Boys XL stuff

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