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    It's always the more popular saggers that you can almost never talk to. Typical -_-
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    Boxers are cool for that baggy sag, with the loose fit riding up and down the legs--real nice. Briefs are nice for sagging below the underwear--pretty cool. And, boxerbriefs are cool for showing off the shape of the butt. All pretty cool.
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    Yes they are. I prefer compression shorts over anything
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    Hanging+out+with+my+Sagger+Boyfriend!+Follow+his+Instagram+at jakesagging
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    Sagging in the car I really like this picture.
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    Great to see someone else that is into jeans
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    I stumbled upon this clip of a guy in class messing around adjusting his pants and hoody so that he seemed to be sagging. Altho it isn't a serious sagger clip, i actually found it quite funny in a bizare way and thought you may like it. I presume it is an exam environment as they're seated in rows and not talking to eachother. anyrode, take a look
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    Scene kids with nice saggings (trying to do) skating.

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