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  1. Dang, you let him do it to you? Man I want friends like you. 🤣
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  2. "Beans, beans, they're good for your heart The more you eat them, the more you fart, The more you fart the better you feel So eat your beans with every meal."
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  3. I did & went along with it but he ruined a pair that were to be binned & not expensive 😃
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  4. I think it's great that straight guys are into sagging 👍
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  5. I'm still fortunate to be too far away from this 'atomic wedgy' you've been promising me 😁 Ps, great to see you active mate like those good ole days haha 👍
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  8. Love them boxers 😉 Just a pair of nuts 😂 I only give permission nothing is handed on a plate 😁
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  9. When my bf and i were about 17 or so we were in the city for the day and i managed to get my sexy slim asian bf to travel all the way home shirtless with me on the bus. He was so fuckin sexy. My stop was about half an hour from the city so he got out with me and we walked through the park on the way to my house and stopped to say goodbye, kissing and hugging shirtless in the dark. Cars were passing on the main road but no headlights shone our way. We were both horny as fcuk and i started sliding my shorts (no undies that day) a bit lower and a bit lower and a bit lower as we made ou
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  10. Got some new boxer shorts this week, these are one of my favorite new pairs!
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