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  1. Wet jeans and underwear is the best
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  2. This guy always does this in his posts. Here is my favourite. You can see him moving his hand and fingers around his **** πŸ˜‹ His style, his body, everything is perfect: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CdBeYVhAml_/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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  3. Yes!! Commando is THE ONLY WAY to wear sweats.
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  5. My triple sag yesterday: love wearing shorts under my jeans!
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  7. I f*kin love the feeling just let go, sometimes im public, sometimes under the shower…
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  8. There's a lot of overlap between sagging and wedgies. Lots of content creators here, on Instagram, and elsewhere are into both of them. A lot comes up if you search "wedgie" on Saggerworld. Xag just posted new sagging pics earlier today, and he's been wedgie fetish royalty since the OG days. https://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/130642-1136876c-c1b8-43a5-b03f-567fed936d2f_1_201_a_resultjpg/ The overlap makes rational sense, they're both specific types of underwear fetish, same reason lots of people here are into other underwear and clothing-related fetishes. One obvious point in commo
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  9. Sagging definitely was the gate way to wedgies, for me 🀭 I agree that boxer shorts wedgies are the most hot πŸ₯΅ there was this one guy on insta a few years ago who would give himself wedgies in his boxers, I think about him sometimes lol
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  10. Got soaking wet the other day. Needed to pee so let out some on my t-shirt and in my underwear
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  11. Name: Jonata Age : 25 Height : 1m65cm Weight : 60kg Style : Geek, Hipster Sexuality : Gay Hobbies : PC and Handheld Gaming, Game Design, Calisthenics Workout location : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I value and think that expose only a little bit from underwear or shorts is sexy and stylish, therefore, I like to do that in some occasions.
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  12. Valet Parking attendant dented my new truck today πŸ’€
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