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  1. Lol lee I'm rubbing off on you
  2. Lol he just takes the wedgie
  3. Lol I'm just answering the question op asked.
  4. But I wouldn't hang someone in the locker room, I'd do a simple sneak behind grab the undies and pull as high as possible
  5. OP clearly wants a wedgie, nobody is being assaulted especially not sexually lol. And let's be real unless you're dishing them out to random people on the street, nobody is getting arrested for a wedgie lmao
  6. Oh both are just asking for a massive wedgie. The second one in the tighty whiteys for sure
  7. Those briefs would turn into a thong so quick with a wedgie it would be so hot
  8. Lol briefs are easier to wedgie than boxers since they stretch a lot more.
  9. Hm never thought of this, I guess it could be hot
  10. You should post a pic of you in those briefs, you know to help the poll
  11. There are a few others also into them here, not just me anymore
  12. You clearly didnt read my post since I was talking about the joke not about you. I said I'm NOT saying you're racist. Relax. Nobody is attacking you in the slightest.
  13. Nobody said he's a troll. Posting a nonsense sentence on a post nobody has touched in a decade is trolling.
  14. Ironic coming from the guy who lives in the past more than anyone.
  15. Oh so it was a racist joke making fun of the way Asian people speak? And before lee comes in here I'm not saying daddygum is racist I'm saying he told a racist joke there's a difference. This post is ONLY about the joke.
  16. You really think me love you long time sucky sucky is a serious answer? If it's not trolling then yikes
  17. You bumped a thread that was dead for 10 years for this nonsense? Smh
  18. Ah yes what all high school boys want for a graduation present, going to a nude beach with your mom
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