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  1. Spent a lovely day at Thorpe Park with a friend, sagging below ass all day. I got soaked on the water rides and walked around shirtless in the afternoon, which led to several people complimenting my sag.

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    2. animorphus


      My friend took one of me


    3. ElCarnicero


      Nice belly and sag!!

    4. Lukey


      Your friend also sag?

  2. Had a great day sagging round London with a friend.

    1. DeusBex


      I can be in London if anyone is ever interested

  3. I was at Maccies just now picking up my order, sagging below ass. There were several other people in there, some sagging but only a bit. I had a fairly long t-shirt on but I “accidentally” made it ride up exposing my front sag quite a bit. All of a sudden I found myself surrounded by a large group of youths all wanting to take selfies with me, wanting to bump fists, and complementing on my sag. It was quite fun until the manager intervened and got them all to stop.

    1. Lukey


      Ooh well nice to hear they complimented you

  4. Currently at Gatwick airport waiting to pick up by friend. I’m sagging below ass in plain sight and I swear I’m being stared down by another sagger. I can’t see any of his boxers but his trackies are definitely low!

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    2. Lukey


      Aw you should talk to him and say hi im a sagger are yuou?

    3. Lee249


      Sounds hot Ben 😉

    4. Lee249


      @animorphus hope to catch up soon darlin x 

  5. Saw an amazing sagger earlier while driving through town, had a great view while sat at the traffic lights. An hour later and my heart is still thumping from the excitement!

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    2. Lee249


      @Astg94 it's an open goal... The goal keeper is naff 😜

      @animorphus I don't do prisons but thank you kindly for the visitation order haha 😂🤣😂🤣😂


    3. animorphus


      @Lee249 Rude 🤣😂🤣

    4. Lee249


      Anytime Ben hehe 😉

  6. New album posted with many of the photos I’ve taken this year. Part 2 to come soon 😈

  7. Finally got round to messaging you back 🙈

    1. Lee249


      Hey sweetie. I will reply soon promise x 

  8. Had a panic attack and autistic meltdown late last night. Definitely not a pleasant experience and everything still feels on edge 8 hours later. Mental health is so important everyone: look after yours and look out for your friends.

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    2. Andrew_Smiley94


      @animorphus Wow, that sucks… I feel the same way as you. If we get to an argument, I start off talking calmly, then yell as the arguments progresses, and I’d bang on a wall, or table or any object that I know isn’t breakable (almost like how Gordon Ramsey does when people serve Raw or S***ty food! Lol.) Yeah, I have different cousins and relatives that have their kids with autism. There are some who I find are annoying, cause he/she doesn’t chat like how we talk, but does act like a kid… I’m kinda like that as a kid, I’m used to be a immature behavior lol. But that’s what it’s like being autistic.

      @ElCarnicero Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum, I think since I’m a baby or kid… idk. When it comes to meeting people in general whether it’s during work, at a party (it can be friends or cousins or relatives my age or bit older/younger), I’m very shy, I don’t talk much in a way where I make a conversation… but if someone talks to me, I try my best to answer and talk more to them. When it comes to typing, I’m not shy, but it can be scary when I’m new to any chatting sites. What I like about typing or texting, is that I don’t miss whole conversation, or asked to be repeated… my brains does tend to fart after a while (almost like short term memory loss, except I can remember what activity I did as a kid, etc., but not any conversation.) Even if I listened to a teacher, and mom asks what the teacher said, I’d forget lol. But truthfully I did listen but forgot what he/she says.

      I know that was a lot of information, but that’s the story I can tell you from my experience.

    3. ElCarnicero


      @Astg94 Wishing you the best always!!

    4. Lee249


      @animorphus take care of yourself. I've sent you a PM. Stay strong x 

  9. New profile photo, made myself in pixel art :P

  10. Ordered some new jeans and a new hoodie. Who wants a new album when they arrive?

    1. sweetemo


      yeah you have to post it dude :D

    2. Sagonmyface
  11. New album on the way, whenever the mods approve it 😉

    1. TheOther1


      Sorry, seems like this slipped by.. approved them!

  12. Thank you to everyone to sent me birthday wishes yesterday 💚🎉

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