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  1. Looking to make friends with any skinny jeans wearing lads in Dublin! 😉

  2. Hey bru, amazing pics! I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  3. Your albums are brilliant! I really love how hot you are in those beige Levi's. They really suit you, mate!

  4. It's a pretty awesome show, Cranco!!! :-)
  5. I love Levi's skinny jeans and they are the only jeans I sag, pretty much. They fit well and pull down easily...some of them even fall down as I sit or walk around. I usually buy a size or two up, and still get a great tight fit on the legs with a looser waist which is perfect for sagging. :-)
  6. Sagger boys in Atlanta?

  7. Thank you for the message. Your pix are nice too. :)

  8. Nice albums dude :)

  9. You're welcome, beyouz! :)

  10. Thanks a lot for the nice compliment, step!

  11. **** mate you *** turn me on hard nice

  12. Just the way it feels. If you're interested, you should just try it and see. I don't know how to explain it...lol!

  13. man, what is about rail tracks and poles that tunrs you on - humping a rail track seems kinda hot

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