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  1. who wanna dominate me n is in MA? hml :)

    1. Emohotboy


      Would like so badly to dominate u but you are so far away from me 

  2. heyo im lowkey lookin for a cash master who is in Massachusetts or near it. hmu

    1. ElCarnicero


      What on earth is a "cash master"?

    2. ahha


      Look up findom 


    3. jace


      Yo,  in bos.  Some self pix?  might be down

  3. hello I'm a cash slave who lives south of boston. I at first never wanted to try findom, but i always loved wachin it so now i actuall wanna try it hmu if u wanna help me explore. also sorry if dis is weird to anyone lol. I j rlly apriciate saggers n think their so superior to me idk why but i like it
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