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  1. josephandrade

    Any hot guys want to sell their worn sneakers?

    There are some sneakers (as well as other items) for sale on this site, which a friend of mine recently told me about: www.underwearxxxchange.com.
  2. josephandrade

    Amazon Wish Lists

    I know that this site has a great Buying/Selling section where users can market their underwear, sneakers, etc. That got me to thinking, since this is a sagging site, most of the people on here probably buy a lot of underwear on a regular basis (more than non-saggers anyhow). Anyhow, before I get too long-winded, let me try to make a long story short. I was wondering if anyone on here has an Amazon wish list (or perhaps wish lists for other sites). If so, are you willing to share the URL below?
  3. Thanks for the heads up about the tumblr link and having to copy and paste it.

  4. josephandrade

    In Need Of Some Advice

    If you're certain that he's straight (and thus not interested in a romantic relationship), I would enjoy his company while you're at work, but don't do anything that would jeopardize your employment. Try to figure out what specifically you like about him and then be on the lookout for other guys that exhibit those same qualities.
  5. Nice picture. I grew up in Maine. Feel free to contact me if you want.

  6. josephandrade


    Name: Joe Age: 29...almost 30 Height: 5'11" Weight: 140 lb. Style: Business or Jeans/T-Shirt Sexuality: Bi-Curious Location: Connecticut, USA

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