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  1. Heyyy, still selling your underwear? and where in canada are you?

  2. hey Dillon, is your clothing sale still happening ? Still very interested ;)

  3. Damn you got some sexy sags!!!

  4. I had an alright Christmas. I live in Edmonton now though.

  5. Wow this forum has been busy. More drama than out tv lol woot woot. So what has everyone been up to?
  6. haha have you ever used that line on a straight boi and had it work? Actually has anyone had that line work? I am curious. I have tried it a couple times at the right moment and for the most part it has worked. Thats usually where they give up and say whatever and shove thier rock hard throbbing **** into your mouth and yall know the rest
  7. haha for sure. i have done that position a couple times.. ( i was the one in the middle) getting ******* while ******* is so amazing. you have got to try it. its too ******* awesome for words.
  8. I have a couple versatile friends. that position is awesome
  9. as long as you get her bf in the process its all good haha
  10. haha i tried it a couple times and it was nasty lol
  11. i am online every now and then.

  12. yeah i added u on msn..but ur never on.....

  13. thanks for the add dude

  14. it definatly sounds like a night to remember. thats hot big mike.
  15. i love your profile pic. its awesome

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