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  1. Send me yo' messages, bros

  2. Sometimes I'll finger myself, and that really is something else. Other times I'll just wear tight boxer briefs and have my **** out through the slip (I have a massive thing for tight undies) And something I always do (don't know why) is rub my left hand between my c**k and leg.
  3. New pics up, senoritas!

  4. New pics on the way!

  5. Send me yo' messages, brothas!

    1. nzsag


      strapping a note to a pigeon as we speak...

  6. Who would you turn straight/gay for? I'd go straight for Mila Kunis.
  7. Send me a message, OR ELSE.

  8. If there are any Redditors on here, you should go to r/ladybonersgw and post some stuff. It's so great on there!

  9. Whatever you do guys, don't try to read this aloud. But, I wouldn't mention it to anyone.
  10. I love how you see his "bulge" jiggle every so often. While I do not like saggers in boxers, that was pretty sexy.
  11. Like MCRL, I'm hungry. Hungry for lourve. lol jk but seriously

  12. I've fingered myself before, a few times, and have sometimes gotten 3 fingers in (it felt great, btw). After doing that for a while, will it still hurt the first time?
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