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  1. Believe me, I don't do the three things you mentioned, but I think the simplest explanation of all this is: horniness!? People do this because they are horny (in case of cumming into anything) or they get horny doing in (in case of peeing in pants/underwear and showering fully clothed). Just a guess. I think it's hard to understand if you're not into it. Well, should be okay as long as you don't harm yourself or others.
  2. I was talking about the word association game of course! Dirty boy! oil paint
  3. Playing with yourself, Lee? portrait
  4. Yep, Welcome To My Truth is nice! Christina Aguilera - Candyman
  5. Beige jeans/chinos, black polo shirt, light blue boxershorts.
  6. Kennst du "nachtwach" mit Barbara Bürer? Läuft auf SF1 und DRS3. Ich schau immer den Podcast wenn ich nicht schlafen kann. Die Sprache ist sowas von abgefahren! :D

    1. CosmoBoy


      Hey ! Nein, nie gehört davon. Weisst du, mein Deutsch ist nich SO gut dass ich alles am Fernsehen / Radio verstehen kann, leider.

  7. thief @Lee: Sorry, it wasn't quite clear to me. Tied up? You get a muzzle to make sure you cannot bite! :D
  8. I think dangerous dogs get it, so that they are not able to bite. I looked it up ("Maulkorb") and it said "muzzle". Next word is: gag or what?
  9. Unbelievable how nocturnal I am. Was just cleaning around in the kitchen. :D

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