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  1. Bro you got some hella hot wet sag pics those are quality and your sexy asf too 

  2. I've met 4 ppl off here in person.... really hot experiences
  3. So yah, this is for the double saggers out there... Sometimes I double sag 2 basketball shorts or like basketball shorts and cargos. Say you are chillin in your double sag and you end up at the pool. Do you wear both shorts in the pool or take one off? Just curious..
  4. Maybe you guys have seen a shirt like this b4? I want it, and can't seem to find it in any store.
  5. Well do it again, sagging and nominate some dudes from here
  6. Here you guys go! http://youtu.be/vLcf_qpxHSQ not only was it cold as f*ck it was heavy as f*ck.... your turn tabatha94, flameboard, vystle, wetwetwetnl and while we are at it adding pokemon and wetsaggerboynick
  7. I also nominate flameboard, vstyle, and wetwetwetnl.... Get you bucket of ice water
  8. I nominate you tabatha94!!! you have 24hrs to complete the ice bucket challenge and nominate others on here
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