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  1. Got 2 new bright coloured boxer breifs! Thinking about posting some new pics...

  2. Sagger860

    Bright green boxershorts

  3. i just found out, sagging is illegal in my school.

    1. finsagger


      Noooo! that is so lame. Can't they see the dilema in that decision ? Fight for your right to sag bro!

    2. Guest


      Not good! Ask yourself which is more important, sagging or education?

      Then change schools! ;)

  4. first time online this month. Febuary!!!!!

  5. Wish i was in the UK........

    1. jboy2000
    2. flameboard


      Why do you wish you were here?

    3. Sagger860


      Well where I live I am the only person I know that saggs.

  6. Happy New Year to everyone!

    1. flameboard


      Happy New Year to you too mate!

  7. Sagger860

    Any guy bi or gay?

    I'm BI, and i live in Pennsylvania.
  8. what the i cant reply to topics or anything! I need help!

  9. anyone else obsessed with wedgies besides me?


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