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    I'm a sporty boy, like to sport, sagging & Hanging out with mates
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  1. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Mercury tobey Maguire Spiderman or Tom Holland Spiderman
  2. Kayke1992

    Hot Dutch Youtuber

    This is Gio on of the biggest YouTube vloggers from the netherlands. He had 728K subcribers. He sag with his sometimes in his video's!
  3. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    No, I never wear goggles with swimming Marvel comics or DC comics?
  4. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Definately nikes. Boxers or boxer briefs?
  5. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Boxer on G-Star jeans or Calvin Klein jeans?
  6. Kayke1992

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Check out this amazing harmony hardstyle track from Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn - Be Here Now 😍😍
  7. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Press ups 💪 Who do you think is the better football player? Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
  8. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Definitaly snapback What kind of sportshort do you prefer: nike or adidas?
  9. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Vans Deadpool or The Joker?
  10. Kayke1992

    Word Association Game

  11. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Japan Skinny jeans sag or baggy jeans sag?
  12. Kayke1992

    Word Association Game

  13. Kayke1992

    A Or B?

    Facebook Boxer briefs or boxers?
  14. Kayke1992

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    I'm now watching Family Guy 😁

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