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  1. ASOS and ES have some nice ones. But most I made myself from some nice vests
  2. I like to be nude at home. especially with this hot weather. Now I can even walk nude in the garden!! Because the neighbours closed the shutters for the sun, hahaha.
  3. Agree, they should mention or tag the one who's in the pic. If so, than it's flattering. If they pretend it is theirs while it's your pic than it's rude, cowardly, and even pathetic.
  4. sagger breaking the ice sagging through out the video
  5. It's freezing now!! Go to UMD to see my ice breaking vids
  6. My main ( ) fetishes are bondage, WAM and sagging. Best is a combination of them @jayme, for inspiration some more fetish topics are on SW, also a poll.
  7. All American footballers wear tights too, so they are all gay? As well as cyclists, ice skaters, wrestlers, athletes, swimmers.... all wear tights, all gay? Come on!!! It's really stupid to think if someone is wearing typical clothes he is gay. And it's also stupid to think ballet is gay. It works the other way around, if gays (statistically more?) like ballet, that doesnt make ballet gay. Anyone who doesnt understand this difference is really a dumbass without brains.
  8. I hate the prank, it's not funny. He harms/frightened people for his own fun? Why? So low.... Anyhow his sags are hot.
  9. agree. Hightops or skateshoes with super skinny jeans are hot! Or fluor sneaks.
  10. To make it not an exclusively Lee topic i will post my yesterday sag of me and Mickey
  11. Who's wearing gay brands like ES, XTG, Pump, aussiebum, CristianAndrew, e.a.? I have the brands above, except xtg (atm 😉.)
  12. I totally disagree!!! Being gay IS NOT A CHOICE. I am very happily gay but i didnt choose for it. I AM. You can choose your sexual activity but you can't choose your sexuality! If you prefer boys, girls or both thats how you are born (or developed in your early childhood but you have no influene on it) and indeed it's your choise to bring your preference in practice Gay, straight, bi, you are born with it. It is that at some age you get noticed of it and then you think: omg i become gay, but that is incorrect. You are gay but you become aware of it. And not everybody
  13. What type of underwear do you have and which do you still wear? Give us your list!! I wear trunks and boxerbriefs mostly. Sometimes boxers or jocks I have: midwaybriefs/longjohn: 0 boxers: 7 boxerbriefs/trunks: 80+ briefs: 4 jockstrap: 4 thong: 2 string: 1
  14. Queer or straight is often identified with some typical behaviours. That doesnt mean you can have only behaviour from one catagory. I think every one has mixed interests. I am not a typical queer gay guy: I like Formula 1 car racing, mud runs, rollar coasters, adrenaline sports, heavy metal, hard techno music, and i hate the music of Rihanna and all the other girl-stars-whom-like queers-so-much. But i have queer behaviours as: fashion, sewing, i like to dress up, hairdressing, i like the extravaganza gay prides, i prefer liqueurs above beer, and i like boys butts
  15. hahahaha, emberassing. Why don't you use your own user profile? No other users can see than what and when you are surfing on the net.
  16. fantastic hot sagger idiots, hahaha all along from 3:22 to 4:44
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