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  1. AlexanderBoy75

    Christmas theme boxerbriefs

    I don't have a special christmis edition with figures. I can only wear a plain red of a green boxer...if I want.
  2. AlexanderBoy75

    My YouTube channel for sagging

    Great channel! I like it. Storing Clothes is 5 stars, I like your body 🙂
  3. AlexanderBoy75


    Nice ethika! I like the long legs
  4. AlexanderBoy75


    Looks great! So slim yum...🤩
  5. AlexanderBoy75

    Wet Clothes Hot or Not?

    I Like it very much! To do it my self under the shower and see others The feeling of heavy clothes and sticking to my body gives a sensation, especially when they are white 🙂 Also washing my boxer then with showergel is making me hard 🙂
  6. AlexanderBoy75


    Quite impressive! 🙂 Nice sagging with briefs
  7. AlexanderBoy75

    Tank Tops

    I don't like them. Does not suit me, so I wear t-shirts
  8. AlexanderBoy75

    Vid of you sagging

    Nice Nike pro long pants 🙂 Next vid please show your On that Ass 🙂 I like those
  9. ADDICTED, PUMP, ES, Manstore, Olaf Benz, Joe Snyder
  10. AlexanderBoy75

    Guys with a small p***s

    Ehm for me 5” hard is minimum... But I like smaller ones instead of XL. Looks so good with cute slender boys 🙂
  11. AlexanderBoy75

    gay brands

    I have a lot of Andrew Christian's and 2xIst's and one C-In^2 and a lot more, but what brands defined as 'gay brand'
  12. AlexanderBoy75


    Nice Kappa short :-)
  13. Calvin Klein and Bjorn Borg are great to wear. 2xIst has beautifull looking briefs, despite most of them are low waist :-( Missing Andrew Christian.... :-) great looking and wearing with their pouch
  14. AlexanderBoy75

    Underwear Size

    Mostly S, sometimes XS or M depending on the brand
  15. AlexanderBoy75

    Brieflines Fetish

    The main reason why I look to sport!

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