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  1. So you got a underwear brand to give you a code to help saggers show off their underwear, which is their boxers. Shoooot, ask like ethika or Polo or AE lol
  2. Anyone bored, hmu, my day off feel like chattin or tradin pics

  3. I am bored and lonely on the daily.... starting to get old lol

    1. Mansagger


      That’s what u get for being a slut and never committing  

    2. SaggersRhot


      I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way.

  4. Had a panic attack at the store today. Everyone was everywhere and nothing was on the shelves. I saw kids crying cause the thing they wanted wasnt there anymore.
  5. Yes this was 5 days ago on insta
  6. Shirtless. Sagging joggers or jeans
  7. Nike pro Polo sag or hanes sag
  8. Skater boys Ae sags or Ethika sags
  9. Hot crush sagging in my underwear. It actually happened once. Me and him lived togetehr for a bit, we were going to work and was an hour drive, half way there i said, hey bro arent those mine. He was sagging below ass. He said, dang yea my bad, we both had Ethikas he just slid a pair on and went. Whole day he sagged. It was hot. Your crush complimenting your sag, or you complimenting your crushes sag and him showing it off more
  10. Protection. Steal a pair of underwear and sag it in front of that person Or Leave a pair of your own underwear at a friends and watch him sag your underwear
  11. Sweatpants. Sagging with a expensive belt but its to tight, or a really cheap belt and it to loose
  12. Boxer shorts. Double sagging for the rest of your life or sagging in a uncomfortable pair of underwear the rest your life
  13. Fully clothed. Sag only with a thong or super oversized boxer shorts
  14. So for me, i want someone to be with. Im not looking for sex at all. Call me old school but i wanna get to know someone and figure out if i wanna settle down with him. This new generation seems to be all about hookups and stuff. I just dont get that or understand it. What are yalls opinion on this.
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