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  1. Sagmaster999

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Had a panic attack at the store today. Everyone was everywhere and nothing was on the shelves. I saw kids crying cause the thing they wanted wasnt there anymore.
  2. Sagmaster999

    Kprice & DayDay

  3. Sagmaster999

    Lee Hinchcliffe

    Yes this was 5 days ago on insta
  4. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Shirtless. Sagging joggers or jeans
  5. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Nike pro Polo sag or hanes sag
  6. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Skater boys Ae sags or Ethika sags
  7. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Hot crush sagging in my underwear. It actually happened once. Me and him lived togetehr for a bit, we were going to work and was an hour drive, half way there i said, hey bro arent those mine. He was sagging below ass. He said, dang yea my bad, we both had Ethikas he just slid a pair on and went. Whole day he sagged. It was hot. Your crush complimenting your sag, or you complimenting your crushes sag and him showing it off more
  8. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Protection. Steal a pair of underwear and sag it in front of that person Or Leave a pair of your own underwear at a friends and watch him sag your underwear
  9. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Sweatpants. Sagging with a expensive belt but its to tight, or a really cheap belt and it to loose
  10. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Boxer shorts. Double sagging for the rest of your life or sagging in a uncomfortable pair of underwear the rest your life
  11. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Fully clothed. Sag only with a thong or super oversized boxer shorts
  12. Sagmaster999


    So for me, i want someone to be with. Im not looking for sex at all. Call me old school but i wanna get to know someone and figure out if i wanna settle down with him. This new generation seems to be all about hookups and stuff. I just dont get that or understand it. What are yalls opinion on this.
  13. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas or Justin Bieber
  14. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Liquid Soap in your eyes or soap in your pee hole
  15. Sagmaster999

    A Or B?

    Tank top. Sleep in boxers or sleep in bbs

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