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  1. Love having someone cum in my mouth then we start kissing each other and the cum starts dripping from my mouth
  2. Hey bru, awesome pics! I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. udnytmig18


      Nope sry, I arrive Monday evening and fly back home Wednesday. I work during normal hours Tuesday and Wednesday, so I have Monday and Tuesday evenings off. U sure u can't meet one of those evenings? :)

    3. saggerboy560


      Yeah im sure. Sorry man

    4. udnytmig18


      No problem man, would have been awesome tho!

      U know who I could meet with then? Must be a sagger in London to chill with! ;)

  3. I just want to sit on the floor sagging in my my white boxerbriefs and have another sagger shower me with his piss and my boxerbriefs will gradually become see through and you can see my c**k and ass.
  4. I love sticking my p***s in my partner's boxerbriefs and cum inside them. Then he cums inside it too and both our cum is inside. You can also see the cum dripping out because theres so much in there. I also like when people cum on my face or shirt and he would lick it off and kiss me.
  5. Usually bright boxerbriefs and bball shorts or sport shorts and sagging, obviously. Then as I swim the shorts starts sliding down and people can see my undies!
  6. There was a hot guy sagging in front of me in class and got super horny and jacked off looking at his sag and imagining the things we would do. It was a huge mess, luckily it was my last class.
  7. any saggers in Chicago?

    1. saggerboy560


      I'm gonna visit chicago jan 31-2. U wanna meet up and sag?

  8. Saggers hit me up if you are in London

  9. any saggers wanna have some fun in nyc?!?

  10. any saggers wanna have fun in nyc?

    1. Upstatenyer75


      Do you live in NYC? I'm in Saratoga...would love to meet up someday! You've got a sexy body!

  11. In London, any saggers around?

    1. DeusBex


      I can be in London if anyone is ever interested

  12. hitting up nyc this weekend, anyone around?

  13. anyone in nyc this weekend?

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