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    I love football (obvs) and running too, particularly in the country lanes around my house. I also love planes (kinda shows what a crazy life i lead ;) ) and I also love going out and causing mayhem with my mates :P Don't be shy, I love to chat
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    I play academy football and go gym a lot, otherwise, i just hang around with mates :P
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    Student and Academy Footballer

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  1. Congrats, your my Sagger of The Week.

    1. Britishsagger


      Cheers, I appreciate it :)

  2. My arse is so tight after football training lol

    1. Justinsagger25


      Thats hot! does it need loosened? ;)

  3. Haha my girlfriend loves me sagging, especially when we're about town, we met at a track competition and we bonded instantly
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