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  1. you've got a big ass man ;)

    1. storyteller


      I wholeheartedly agree with Zach's statement and support it.

    2. zachd98


      @storytelleryou've got a big butt too man :)

    3. storyteller
  2. musiciansagger

    Pornstars sagging

    Me too!
  3. Sent you a message dude

  4. To add the opinion of someone who isn't stereotyping like an insecure middle school child to things, I think it's awesome that you do both ballet and also sag. Ballet is a wonderful art form and the idea that doing ballet has anything to do with sexuality is a load of uneducated bullsh*t. I myself bi and a classical musician that sags, also have numerous straight friends in music ballet and art, in fact for the most part the vast majority of people I know in both are straight. Pardon my French, but ones career and interests has F**** all to do with ones sexuality. People that shame a career assuming and associating the career with sexuality are the problem and the reason so many people leave their dreams behind. Anyways end rant. I'd love to see a sagger who does ballet because ballet butts are some of the best asses out there
  5. musiciansagger

    YouTuber - ItzArya

    I kinda agree with flameboard that it is in poor taste to throw clear liquid on bystanders as there people who have been attacked the same way, clear liquid thrown, thought it was water till it burned them. It's just in very poor taste and not classy at all. He does have nice sags tho
  6. musiciansagger

    Danemark saggers

    What are they saying then haha
  7. musiciansagger

    Danemark saggers

    Wait, so is the school encouraging sagging?! That's amazing if they are!
  8. musiciansagger


    I'm definitely a classical music person. I've always loved classical above all others. That being said I don't mind other types of music, just given the choice I will always choose classical.
  9. musiciansagger

    Do You Play An Instrument?

    I play oboe, English Horn, flute, piccolo, and piano. But I'm getting my degree in oboe and English Horn performance.

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