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  1. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    Cappuccino Milk or gin?
  2. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    New England (idk) Tea or coffee?
  3. mxtt2

    Word Association Game

    Chocolate digestives
  4. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    Chicken (but neither) Ham or turkey?
  5. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    Lettuce Cress or rocket?
  6. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    Subway Cucumber or tomato?
  7. mxtt2

    Word Association Game

    Sticky fingers
  8. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    Sausage (neither I don’t eat meat) Laughing or smiling?
  9. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    Solo Eggs or pineapple?
  10. mxtt2

    Word Association Game

  11. mxtt2

    A Or B?

    Underwear Outside or inside?

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