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  1. flightm3

    Shoes fo sagging

    DC's with my JNCO's does it for me
  2. flightm3

    Who Drives On Sw?

    I've been driving since I was 16. My company has 11 different company cars. I seem to drive a different car every day and some days drive multiple cars. My 3 favorites are our Subaru WRX, Lexus ES350 and Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  3. I have a bunch of skater shoes to sell. If interested message me
  4. flightm3

    20150907 165844 HDR

    I'd skate with you anyday bro
  5. flightm3

    Whats Ur Favourite Skate Shoes?

    some are in my closet or all around my room
  6. flightm3

    Whats Ur Favourite Skate Shoes?

    I have over 100 pairs of skate shoes. My favorites are DC Smith. I have 4 different colors of them. I have Etnies, Osiris, Globe, Adio, Vans, Element, Vision Street Wear, Airwalk, NikeSB, Adidas, DVS, Supra, Fallen and yes I skate in them all
  7. flightm3

    flight m3

    chillin at the skatepark

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