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  1. CanadianEagle

    Me, drunk after a night😂😂

    Why do I get the feeling that's not actually you?
  2. CanadianEagle

    I know this is bad but...

    "Hey, instead of thinking about the 17 dead kids and their poor families, let's look at this disgusting excuse for a human being instead! See, he's sagging!" Real classy, dude.
  3. CanadianEagle

    I don’t know how to start this...

    I think his point is buried somewhere in the middle about the double sag, but spent waaaay more time talking about the unnecessary details.
  4. CanadianEagle

    pics now!!!

    Isn't this what you conducted that poll for? But since you asked, i do love seeing guys sag while wearing tank tops, I can't be the only one!
  5. CanadianEagle


    We definitely need to see more daggers wearing tanks around here
  6. CanadianEagle

    Word Association Game

  7. CanadianEagle

    Word Association Game

  8. CanadianEagle

    sag97 - pure perfection

    I dunno, there's something about hearing only his clothes rustling as he moves that bothers me.
  9. CanadianEagle

    senior gay men chat

    I think you're in the wrong section, dude...
  10. CanadianEagle


    I've tried it, with zero results. I've heard it can take a few, or more than a few sessions of the beginner vids to get into the proper headspace in order for the other vids to be effective.

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