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  1. nesagger26

    Wet Clothes Hot or Not?

    Wet clothes are awesome! I wish I had more time and guys to do it with.
  2. nesagger26

    Wet Clothes Hot or Not?

    I loved wet clothes since I was little. I've posted some pics under the wet and messy page. I try to find more time to get wet in my clothes, especially while I sag.
  3. nesagger26

    Am I gay ?

    You're probably bisexual but mostly straight.
  4. nesagger26

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    I chill with non saggers all the time
  5. nesagger26

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    I can relate. I ain't like most black men and it throws some people off.
  6. nesagger26

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    6. Extremely homosexual male. I've tried to date women and never succeeded. Men are gods to me.
  7. nesagger26

    Men's butts

    Yes these are pics of me
  8. nesagger26

    Men's butts

    When I check out a sagger, while I'm definitely looking at the front, I make it a priority to check out the back. I fantasize grabbing the butt when I see a sagger with a nice back side. Anyone else like having something to grab when kissing a sagger?
  9. nesagger26

    2016-8-8 1-44-1-311.jpg

    Hot sag!
  10. nesagger26

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    I’m the type of gay man that really enjoys sagging when I can. I feel like it’s becoming more part of my expression of sexuality. I enjoy getting my sag wet as well. Recently, I celebrated my coming out gay anniversary with a wet sag in the shower. My hope is to find a boyfriend who would either sag with me or enjoy watching me sag. I can imagine coming home after being out all day and letting my pants sag. Then as soon as I see my boyfriend, we would start kissing while sagging and on some days, hit the shower in our sag. If only I could find a boyfriend who’s into sagging and getting wet in clothes. The feeling is awesome!
  11. nesagger26

    Any guy bi or gay?

    27 and gay
  12. nesagger26

    Gay Pride Sagging

    I'm going to Providence Pride this weekend.
  13. nesagger26

    Gay Pride Sagging

    Does anyone plan to meet up with other saggers during pride month? Sagger parties, sagger meetups, sagger hookups, sagging at Pride, etc.
  14. nesagger26



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