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  1. I post most of my sagger pics on Instagram now. @nesagger26. 

  2. Massachusetts is closed until Mat 4th. We're advised to stay at home unless we're being productive. I run long distance and a lot of folks out here are wearing masks.
  3. Thank you guys for responding. I think I now realize it's not a big deal to me. I'll keep sagging.
  4. I came across some articles stating that sagging can cause long term health problems such as nerve problems in the thighs, erectile dysfunction, and bone structure issues. I have been sagging for a few years. I don't sag in public and I sag less than a few hours per day at home. I only sag just below my ass, not mid thigh or knee level. I haven't had any issues. I only sag in sweatpants and pajama pants and the band is of course elastic. I still get a boner and can still jerk off and cum. I enjoy sagging as part of my sexuality. What are your thoughts on these studies? Am I doing fine as long
  5. I haven't found much time unfortunately. I got some time later today though.
  6. I usually jerk off a few times a week. Plenty of water, fitness, and time in between sessions, the feeling is great and relieves stress. Even if I'm not jerking off, it's always good to just touch my p***s while sagging. I love it.
  7. Here in Massachusetts, I'm lucky to find that some stores haven't been hit too hard. For now, I still have work to go to. If anything, the gym is open so I can keep my body right for the guys 😉
  8. It's normal to want monogamy. It's hard to find among gay men, but it's possible. I'm 28 and currently single. Keep your head up. Enjoy your sexuality. I didn't come out until 24 yo. You got plenty of time to chase men.
  9. You get more freedom that comes with more responsibility. Most shifting won't happen until you reach your 20s.
  10. Wet clothes are awesome! I wish I had more time and guys to do it with.
  11. I loved wet clothes since I was little. I've posted some pics under the wet and messy page. I try to find more time to get wet in my clothes, especially while I sag.
  12. You're probably bisexual but mostly straight.
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