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  1. soakedsagger

    piss myself

    You could just take some stills from it... Or post it somewhere and give a link
  2. soakedsagger

    piss myself

    Would love to see you wreck that sag, bro
  3. soakedsagger

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    Did you end up trying it out?
  4. soakedsagger

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    I'd say just above the bulge, to get it to spread around more
  5. soakedsagger

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    Whole bunch of us should get together on Kik or something, tank up, and show off dry and wet sags...
  6. soakedsagger

    I know this is bad but...

    The point is we and the people that spread his pictures around make a memorial out of him. It makes his face and his name stick with us, much the same way that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are names enshrined in the heads of those who would cause such misery. In the right world, those names wouldn't even register on anyone's mind except for their mother's and the mothers of their victims, but we have an entire generation growing up with those names repeated and whispered by teachers, psychologists, and politicians. In the wrong heads, they and he gain a mystique and I, for one, would rather not be associated with a monster like that. He was a sagger. So what? He doesn't deserve the attention we are giving him. No one like that deserves such attention.
  7. soakedsagger

    I know this is bad but...

    I'm not diving into the political muckfest of this thread. Frankly, if the only thing people are going to offer on either side as an argument is Facebook memes it's gone on long enough already. With regard to the original post, all I have to say is this: he's a monster and he doesn't deserve any of the attention he is getting from all sides of the media and the political spectrum. Frankly, were it in my power I'd outlaw being able to show his face or using any of his personal or identifiable information on the news. Deleting the thread got mentioned previously and I have to agree with the sentiment, not for the political reasons mentioned previously, but in an effort to scrub his memory from the collective consciousness of humanity. Monsters like him don't deserve the attention they're getting from us. Talk about how to stop them, sure, but not by giving them the time of day and recognizing them for their actions.
  8. soakedsagger

    Your Thoughts on Police Abuse and Brutality

    Breaking silence because the blocking function doesn't seem to want to work and your correction is, frankly, wrong. The dashcam footage shows (or rather, hears, as the view through the rear windshield is hazy at best) Castile being asked for his license, which he hands to the officer. Castile then does something else correctly: informing the police officer that you have a firearm on you currently. The officer then responded properly, telling Castile not to pull it. This is when things go downhill: he then tells him not to pull it multiple times in response to something, likely Castile moving around in the cab of the car. He does this twice before opening fire. My understanding is that, according to the testimony of his girlfriend (I think, I was never sure if she was his wife or girlfriend or just a friend), Castile was reaching for his license to show he is legally authorized to carry a firearm. Upon performing additional research, as it turns out you are not legally required by Minnesota state law to inform a police officer of a concealed carry unless asked. In Minnesota, some municipalities may hold stricter statutes but if in doubt you should inform. He did the right thing, informing the officer of his carry. He then proceeded to do the wrong thing, move around as though retrieving something. Throughout all of this, he was never ordered to produce his firearms license. The officer interpreted (likely wrongfully) his movement as reaching for his firearm and responded accordingly. Again, a police officer is not going to put themselves into a situation where they'll be second guessing, because that more often than not will get you and/or others killed. Should he have gotten into that situation? Absolutely not. Should Castile been reaching around his vehicle after telling a police officer he's armed? No. He should have put his hands on the wheel after retrieving his driver's license and registration and kept them there. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever know for certain because the only person that could do so is dead. And before passive-aggressive accusations of racism get thrown around, if Castile were white I'd be saying the same thing. I don't care if you're black, white, green, blue, or purple: if you give the police a reason to shoot you, they will shoot you. Whether or not it is under faulty pretenses.
  9. soakedsagger

    Your Thoughts on Police Abuse and Brutality

    I wouldn't say that it's because we lack gun control, but rather our efforts have their teeth stripped away by NRA lobbyists and, as a result, we pass new laws whose only purpose is to make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding people. Because frankly, I agree: you should be required to have ownership documentation and proven training in a firearm before you're allowed to own one. Frankly, if I had my way, you'd have to keep it in a safe at all times, log whenever it is removed from its safe, and would have to consent to police searches for your firearms at any time or else lose your firearms license. The problem ultimately comes from the siege mentality of the post-Civil War to Civil Rights Movement. Parents telling their kids about all the horrors the police submitted them to and the kids growing up with an instinctual fear/distrust of the police. It's a common threat to children in the United States: "stop misbehaving or I'm gonna call the cops on you!" The problem is that the police don't do much to scrub that horror from their past: we're supposed to hold them up as exemplars of our society and yet they're unwilling to take even the most token of action against the abusers in their ranks because that's somehow anti-police. So in the end, you have a neighborhood full of people terrified of the police and a police force terrified of the neighborhood they have to protect. Makes for a very tense situation, one that erupts into violence more often than not.
  10. soakedsagger

    Your Thoughts on Police Abuse and Brutality

    My honest opinion? Whoever told you that you have a right to refuse police orders wants to get you killed. Go ahead, see how far it gets you. Speed past a cop and, when they're trying to pull you over, see how far you can get. I mean, you have the right to refuse the order. They can't stop you. In your house, they had a search warrant. They had a legal right to be there and to search your house for whatever it was that was listed on the warrant and to secure any inhabitants. You were asleep, yes. You were asleep and suddenly shouted at and probably reacted defensively. Logical and sane responses to being shouted at at four in the morning that, unfortunately and due to critical oversight by the police officers serving the warrant, ended in your being tased. Again, it does not make it right and, frankly, I'd've brought it to your department's Internal Affairs bureau or, barring that, a civil rights organization because that is a serious breach of your civil rights. They absolutely had a right to serve the warrant, however. This next bit depends on your municipality, state/province, and country, but in many states in the United States the police can execute a search warrant at any time, day or night. Generally, they will try to execute it during regular business hours unless they feel that the resident(s) may, upon being notified of police arrival by a knock at the door and an announcement of police presence, be liable to destroy evidence. If they truly executed the warrant at 4am, they must have felt whatever you had you were liable to destroy. The Fourth Amendment is a very tricky thing, subject to judicial interpretation all the time. As with most things, legal opinions can and will differ.
  11. soakedsagger

    Your Thoughts on Police Abuse and Brutality

    What you're forgetting in the case of Trayvon Martin is that George Zimmerman was not a police officer. He was a member of the neighborhood watch. A member of the neighborhood watch that, upon calling the police to report Martin as a suspicious individual and proceeding to chase after him as Martin ran, was told by the dispatcher to not proceed with the chase and to wait for police. Zimmerman is an idiot who ignored police directives and that should not have been acquitted.
  12. soakedsagger

    Your Thoughts on Police Abuse and Brutality

    You can be pro-cop and anti-police abuse. The positions are not mutually exclusive. Without sound, I can't make a judgment call but my guess would be they told him to stop multiple times. The guy refused, thus he got slammed. For the same reason that someone ignoring a cop flashing their light bar at you while driving, they have the authority to stop someone forcibly if they feel they are in the process of or have been accused of a crime. Should the cop have full-on tackled him? Not unless he was actively trying to evade or confirming that it was the person they were looking for, which it didn't look like he was. Should the guy have stopped after, presumably, being told multiple times to stop by police? Yes. Ultimately, without there being sound to the video, I can't really make a judgment call. I am truly sorry for what happened to you and frankly the cop that supposedly tasered you in your sleep (a piece of science fiction wisdom... there are three sides to every story: your side, their side, and, somewhere in the middle, the truth) should probably have lost his or her badge, at minimum. My guess is that the cop thought you might have been reaching for a weapon in your half-stupor and thus reacted as such. It doesn't make him or her right in what they did. Same for the cop that tackled you to the ground, except they probably (and wrongfully) thought you were trying to evade. It doesn't make either of them right.
  13. soakedsagger

    Your Thoughts on Police Abuse and Brutality

    Anyone holding a firearm ultimately has the choice whether or not to kill the person next to them. Police are no different. Yes, there are bad apples in the police, as there are in any authoritative organization, and when they break the law they should be punished to its fullest extent. At the end of the day they're the ones we charge with keeping order in society, they are not above it. The cops fucked up in the video by not recognizing tell-tale signs that the man is handicapped. At the same time, the man in the video fucked up by not following the orders of the police officer and reached for something out of the officer's line of sight. As far as I'm concerned, the officer acted accordingly given what he knew. He acted on faulty evidence, sure, but at the end of the day a police officer isn't trained to hum and haw as someone is reaching. They're trained to remove the threat because that humming and hawing gets you and others killed. That's what caused the situation in the video. There's no right answer here because everyone in the situation was in the wrong. Should police be held accountable for abuses of power? Absolutely. It's disgusting to me that the police can get away with such abuses because they're charged with defending us from anarchy and they're just as much a part of the society that they protect as anyone else. I think ultimately the media takes sides. CNN et al. try to portray the police as bloodthirsty marauders while FOX et al. portray them as knights maintaining the thin blue line. They're neither. They're people put into a very stressful job that can very easily get them killed, it's not exactly a shock that the pressure causes this sort of reaction. It should be punished whenever it ends in abuse, but not a surprise. They're working a job in a community that very often doesn't appreciate what they do and can even be overtly hostile to what they do, generally because those communities have faced abuse in the past. God knows what it must be like to be a member of the NYPD in Harlem or a memeber of the LAPD in Compton. In the end, though, the cycle of abuse doesn't end until we make it end. Not by one side waving the white flag but by not letting our fears rule us.
  14. soakedsagger

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    Sounds so hot... two guys tanking up until one bursts in his sag while the other pisses his pants on top...
  15. soakedsagger

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    What difference does it make? You don't need to know what my family and friends are like or whether or not I self-identify as intelligent to know that I like intelligence in potential partners. If I had a reasonable explanation for why I like what I like, I'd have answers for a lot more than just my preferences.

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