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  1. Bravo to the British Parliament on approving gay marriage! I'm not gay myself, but I firmly believe that love is love, no matter what gender!

    1. flameboard


      Oh yes! Best news in the UK for ages :D

    2. JustinKool


      Most countries are right there with Australia, sadly. It's something so simple and it hardly affects anyone except those that wish to take advantage of it. Hopefully the UK's ruling will be a catalyst for other countries to follow suit! I would want to move to the UK if only because of this, though it's legal in Canada as well. France might legalise it too! What is truly stupid is that anything other than straight marriage is considered a criminal offence in many coun...

    3. Rekhel


      France is on the way of legalisation, but there are still a lot of old fashionned people thinking that it's going to destroy our society and bring misfortune to our childs (because here, mariage and adoption are going together). I truly hope that it will be legalised...The answer will come next week !


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