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  1. damn i forgot about this boy too. his sags were beautiful
  2. dude that boy saggin around 6:45 is awesome! thanks for sharing bro
  3. this dudes butt is epic! so glad he likes to show it off. those sag poses at the end got me going crazy
  4. love this. they look so awesome
  5. i think sagging just under your butt and junk is as low as it should go. normally, i like to sag over my junk and about 3/4 down my ass, but sometimes completely under both is hot. any lower like on the thigh is too low. kinda defeats the purpose.
  6. this is by far the sickest collection of sagging vids on youtube. all these boys are dope af. i found all but 1 of the sagger medley vids. if anyone finds sagger medley 6, post it. Sagger medley - YouTube Sagger medley 2 - YouTube Sagger medley 3 - YouTube Sagger medley 4 - YouTube Sagger medley 5 - YouTube Sagger medley 7 - YouTube Sagger medley 8 - YouTube Sagger medley 9 - YouTube Sagger medley 10 - YouTube Sagger medley 11 - YouTube
  7. man this dude is dope af!
  8. interesting topic. wanting to sag and appreciating sagging on other guys goes beyond sexuality i think. as dudes we wanna show off, and showing off our butts when we sag is kinda the ultimate way of doing that. it shows that we have confidence and are proud of ourselves. and seeing that in other dudes is so inspiring. i would only date a girl who got that and could appreciate it.
  9. happy to talk to you more about this anytime bro! i like everything you just mentioned too.
  10. love to piss my pants outside! especially with a bro. wish i could piss that way every single time i had to piss.
  11. Did you receive my PM dude? Hope you're ok. 

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