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  1. hot guy reacting to vids of people sagging to mini mini. a few girls thrown in, but most are handsome dudes with very cute butts. Me Gusta Esa Mini Mini Mama (TIKTOK) Mini Mini - Punto40 ft. Marcianeke - YouTube
  2. just a few screenshots of other dudes ive found sagging to this song.
  3. glad u like them bro! hope to find more.
  4. this sounds epic guys! id love to have a cum party with you.
  5. found another compilation vid. i could watch these all day. these butts are mesmerizing. Me Gusta Esa Mini Mini - Tik Tok (Hombres) | Punto40 ft. Marcianeke - YouTube
  6. heres a compilation vid of dudes sagging to this song on tiktok. this vid just blows my mind. so many awesome butts on display. this has gotta be the best tiktok trend of all time. the song is fire too. Mini Mini Tiktok - YouTube
  7. there seems to be a trend on tiktok for dudes to sag their pants and shake their butts to mini mini by punto40 and marcianeke. ive come across a few of these vids and theyre epic. will post a few here if i can find them again. for now tho heres the official music video. also features some boys sagging. (2) Mini Mini - Punto40, Marcianeke (Official Video) - YouTube
  8. i didnt kno u were the one who put these vids together man. u did amazing work. i watch them almost every day. keep us posted on vids 6 and 12 bro.
  9. wouldnt say its better than a sag, but he looks mighty fine
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