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  1. gabeasston

    Saggers That I Film

    such a hot channel bro. so good!
  2. gabeasston

    Anyone got any fetishes???

    happy to talk to you more about this anytime bro! i like everything you just mentioned too.
  3. gabeasston


    awesome, awesome shot.
  4. gabeasston

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    this is so rad bro!
  5. gabeasston

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    love to piss my pants outside! especially with a bro. wish i could piss that way every single time i had to piss.
  6. gabeasston

    Nike sweats 5 .jpg

    love this bro,
  7. gabeasston

    Nike sweats 2.jpg

    beautiful sag. and yea those pants are amazing! i want a pair.
  8. Did you receive my PM dude? Hope you're ok. 

  9. gabeasston

    Sagging adjustment

    dude! i did the same thing in summer camp! all us boys sagging are pants the whole time. it was incredible.
  10. gabeasston

    Sagging adjustment

    haha old but gold indeed! what an awesome vid. it is a shame that more emphasis isnt put on these boys grades as opposed to how low they sag their pants. if theyre doing well, in school? who cares? plus they look cool af.
  11. gabeasston


    this pic is hot af dude.
  12. gabeasston

    Anyone got any fetishes???

    completely agree. piss is also really cool and interesting to me too, but i dont see it as a fetish. just something natural i like to have fun with.
  13. gabeasston

    Zach Clayton

    love zach.
  14. hey sagger bros! check out my new album. green room.

  15. gabeasston

    Do you dream about sagging?

    yea i dream about sagging quite frequently. the best is when i dream im on a hike or on the beach with a couple bros, shirtless, sagging our shorts below our butts with our colorful bbs showing. sometimes we pull our undies down too and moon each other and push each other in the surf. and im constantly daydreaming about sagging. if i see a bro on the street with a nice sag its all ill think about for the rest of the day. and because im always sagging my mind is just always there. butts on the brain 24/7.

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