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  1. Custard creams here scotch or bourbon?
  2. Sleep naked. nike or adidas?
  3. Blue Inaka shorts, grey CK briefs, white Nike socks, white blazers, grey tank top. Sagging about 1/4 down ass
  4. Mostly smoking, also athletic gear, muscles, shoes, hats, etc. A fit guy rocking a sag and smoking gets me going
  5. Bumping this thread Started: 15, regular by 16 Brand: camel crush greens smoke and sag: Always (check the name) Undies: briefs and compression shorts. And double sags with b-ball’s
  6. Name: Grant age: 26 Height: 6’5” style: jock sexuality: gay hobbies: workout, off roading, biking, smoking (if that’s a hobby) Location: Michigan
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