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  1. I saw one pic of yours and OMG became infatuated (and hard) Thanks for sharing dude. Love the album 😉

  2. Yo +guys,+so+I+have+decided+to+change+my+insta,+having+it+all+dedicated+to+sagging+seems+to+get+me+reported...soooo+its+dedicated+to+boxers,+bums,+bulges,+my+outfits,+legs+etc.+You'll+find+it+@peachymaybe...hope to+see+some+of+you+there:)+UPDATE,+WHY+WHEN+YOU+EDIT+A+STATUS+I+ADDS+PLUS'S+EVERYWHERE???+@flameboard...What+is+this?/+ahahaha


    1. TheOther1


      Where do you create the post from? I don't know why it does this either...

    2. skinnysagger98


      I just write a status on the home page

  3. Hey, so i know a lot of you followed my previous insta accounts but they all get reported. Ive made a new one in hope that it wont be deleted this time around...message me if you want the time of my account:)

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    2. skinnysagger98



    3. Lukey
    4. afutoclo


      The first pics on your insta are so hot 😍

  4. For anyone who wants to know where my insta has gone (casualsagging) , it’s been removed again for the 4th time for no reason. No violations or anything! So I’m leaving insta and moving to tumblr as I can post more sexual things there too! For anyone who wants my tumblr then message me, don’t know about the whole self advertising on this site💦

  5. Hey bru, amazing pics! I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  6. You have some real nice pics dude. Lovin those cute Family Guy bbs. It'd be great to see more of your sags :) 

  7. hey skinnysagger98


    wow love your photos, low sagging awesome, and great colourful boxers, hot




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