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  1. https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdksBkw8/ at the very beginning
  2. Ive done that about 6 times now. He just accepts it. He knows im into it, but he loves me.
  3. Hey guys and gals. I need ideas on how to prank my brother, he is 23 and sags. So any idea is welcome lol. He wants to start a prank war. Id love to be able to beat him at his own game.
  4. That's what i was wondering too lol
  5. Ik this is a place might not be the best to vent, but my dad died today. And just tryna figure out what to do now.

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    2. ElCarnicero


      My condolences to you. I recall vividly when my own father passed.

    3. Andrew_Smiley94


      Sorry for your loss… it’s definitely hard to lose a dad. Idk what I’ll do if or when my parents are gone… that’s the only scary part for me.

    4. CaptainPanther


      Awww man that's such sad news. Believe me this isn't cliche I know how that feels and how dreadful this is....vent away we're all human beings 😉

  6. Sounds like a hanging wedgie, just anything other than a normal wedgie usually is classified as atomic cause that's all movies taught was a wedgie or a atomic wedgie for all others
  7. I live with a roommate, he sometimes sags but usually when i bring up the topic he says he doesnt do it while sagging. But when he takes a shower in our bathroom i usually get his clothes together so i pick out his outfits and boxers. After his shower he leaves his clothes on the floor and im usually the one who picks up his clothes. His job is very labor intense and he goes to the gym so all his boxers are ripe and smell just like sweat and cum. And ofcourse i smell them, i gotta be the one to pick em up, imma smell them lol
  8. I had the most uncomfortable experience tonight at work. Feel unsafe and very uncomfortable. 

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    2. lo2go


      Hey, guy, it seems a few of us would like to hear more.  PM any of us, or all of us, if you don't want to post openly the details.  It feels good to just talk about it, and as you can check on your profiles, you can share just with gay guys if you think we'll understand, and sympathize, better.   As for me, no advice unless you ask for it.

    3. Sagmaater99


      Sorry i fell asleep and had work all day. So im a manager at a pizza place, Last night it was just me and a new driver. He has been there like 3 days. He asked about a 16year old girl that worked there, and i was very confused cause he is like 40 and doesnt know her at all. And when we were doing his money and tips, he got really close to me and close to the money. Then made a weird joke and walked away and then he came back after  smoking and got close again and left. Ive never felt so uncomfortable in my life, and kinda scared cause why was this 40 year old man asking about the 16 year old girl.

      Also found out today the other night he walked up to her car and tapped on her car while she was in it to talk to her alone.

      We have filed a report on him and the main office is keeping an eye on him and everyone there is as well. Cause there are 2 young girls that work there.  And we arent having anything happen to them.

    4. Andrew_Smiley94


      Wow, that’s scary… hope this 40 year old guy gets arrested for it… I’d be nervous of 40+ year olds if I’m working, whether he’s nice or rude… glad you reported it.

      Hope you make good pizzas and good service! Being a manager is a hard task… good luck.

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