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  1. Hey I just posted new pics to my album granted they are not the top notch pics like alot of the great pics in here but they are mine 

  2. Great pics in your album the leather pants with the red boxers look hella sexy on you great pics 

  3. Bro I was looking at your album of dope ass pics bro you got some hella great sags going homie and the different outfits you put together is hella sexy asf great pics bro

  4. Thanks Stan for the follow you are a sexy ass mofo 

  5. Hey bro check your messages I sent you some pics hope your doing good

  6. I took these pics yesterday and today what do you think ? I'm getting the selfies down I just wanted to share
  7. Hey everyone hope everyone had a good day sagging I snap some pics today and then went sagging hmu lee249

  8. Not the best pics I suck at selfies but I'm working on a better selection of pics
  9. I'm wearing blk skinny jeans Santa Cruz long sleeve red and blk ethika's and a blk raiders beanie
  10. Sup sexy bros got all my Xmas shopping done went out and bought 100 dollars worth of gifts for my bro's kids he got laid off and only his gf works I told him that I had his back and I don't have no kids it just felt good to help a bro who's luck has been down wanna say hi to MGSags ryansags and lee249 ,Jace you guys are asking oh and Australia sagger bro I wanna thank anyone who shares their beautiful sags I enjoy every one of them I will get the time to snap some I'm thinking tonite after I shower I will take some happy sagging today 😘

  11. That's what I'm talking about big pimpin hey I like that nickname for you Dillon yupp be a pimp for the day and rent my car for a c note a hr and you can be like me so give your money lmao that could be your catch phrase hehe
  12. That's so dope bro hell yeah now you'll be really pimpin driving around in that
  13. Put up some lights today on the outside of my house and got my sister's tree all done too



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