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  1. “Grandad” boxers for the win 🥇
  2. In the movie She’s the Man, during the kissing booth fight scene, the guy in the purple shirt changes underwear during the fight 😆 I pointed it out to my friend in high school and she was like “that’s how I know you’re gonna be gay,” and yeah she called it lol. It was like noticing the Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones for me like continuity people!! Why’d you go from black boxer briefs to white boxers lol 😆
  3. bs27

    A Or B?

    Oh geeze oh F**** sorry idk how to play the game yet lol Liquor or Beer? 😅
  4. bs27

    A Or B?

    Treehouse all the way
  5. Canada 🇨🇦 heyo Canadian saggers! 👋
  6. I wish it was that I couldn’t keep my hands to myself, but I’m too polite for that, and a solid group of guy friends is not something I had growing up. I had always been into sagging, a couple years ago I had a sagging instagram mainly during the initial start of the pandemic, and through communities I was able to get to the wedgie side. It was AtomicMyBriefs’s daily atomics that sold it for me and MNWedgieBoy on tumblr that solidified the kink lol. as for a story? Idk. I remember being young and, while wearing blue boxer shorts, asked my friend Jeremy for a wedgie when we are playin
  7. Sagging definitely was the gate way to wedgies, for me 🤭 I agree that boxer shorts wedgies are the most hot 🥵 there was this one guy on insta a few years ago who would give himself wedgies in his boxers, I think about him sometimes lol
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