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  1. 20 k content. 19k rep. 500 followers. "Don't have influence" my @ss. Naturally the more memorable and often seen of us here are gonna have a form of influence. If flameboard told us all to do sumn, more of us would do it than if I told people to do the same thing.
  2. If anyone is gonna be able to get it started again, it's gonna be the OGs. You, flameboard, SSY, matt, rhot, etc. The big guys, pet say. Ones with influence.
  3. City skylines, sims, games like that are some of my favs. Where I can just create and destroy if I so choose. The Reading one is interesting to me, fav genre?
  4. Thinkin I won't bother from here on out. Unless my bulge is showing, I Think that's a little iffy. Otherwise, I don't know what hurts a child seeing underwear. I respect you for the cigarette think. That's really thoughtful ❤️
  5. Simple. I had my pants Below my ass and pulled em up upon passing a child. About 7 yo. Is that the right thing to do? Does it matter?
  6. Pfft I thought you meant streaming in terms of putting video content out there for others. Which I'm sure you do in way haha like flameboard and SSY. Oops.
  7. Are you saying this was the "brilliant snap a sag game?"
  8. Where do you stream at? And what do you stream? I'm imagining games but either way I'd like to watch.
  9. I'm thinking I'll do it a few inches below my wasteband at first and if I see others doing it, might go a little lower. Overall, I won't show it off till I'm alone with another sagger or away from the place. I'd rather not be called to speak with a manager. Thanks.
  10. I'll be getting a job soon. My first. At a grocery store near me. I wanna sag while I work but I also dont wanna risk infractions and warnings. Nor do I want people who know me too personally to see my sag. How could I get around this? Should I just not do it at all? Is there a time and place? Sag an inch or two below my wasteband maybe? Any suggestions appreciated. Maybe I could look for other saggers there first.

    My favorite from today.


  12. Sooo I had an idea. Not sure if this is really off topic or not but it was hazy on where to put it it. Sometimes I get tired of choosing my own sags. Where to do it at. How to do it. What to do it in so I wanted to incentivize someone else doing it. I thought of a game. You sag in the way the person before you stated, post a photo then give the person after you a new sag. Ie. If someone before me told me to double sag, Below my ass, red and black, in public, I'd do it, then I'd choose how the person after me sags and so on. Could this take off? Is it a good idea or are there hol
  13. About to go out double sagging. See if people say anything. Will post updates once I'm out. Should I say even lower? With even more pairs of boxers?




  14. Lol do you do all of that sagging or is that more of a side thing for you? Playing piano is really interesting and I hope you find that as cool as I do. You composed anything?
  15. Admiring nature as cliche as that may be. And a swarm of gnats. 


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