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  1. Sounds hot! Are the football jerseys sleeveless as well?
  2. Hey do any of you guys wear those mesh basketball singlets? The ones with the little perforations so you can see through and see the guy's torso and their pants line. I was walking around the shops wearing a black one with pink shorts under today. I always wear bright coloured shorts under coz reckon it's hot being able to see the top of my shorts through the shirt. I was walking along and my shorts were slipping gradually lower and i couldn't raise them up because i had both hands full. I had no underwear on and then I realised I was doing a freeball sag which was partly visible through
  3. Pictures of guys doing the shirt off the shoulder thing are pretty hard to find. This is the perfect shirt for it though 😛
  4. Hey man, yes i think this is super hot. Wheni was a kid i used to watch the hot dude next door mowing the lawn in a loose singlet and it sometimes used to fall off his shoulder on one side as he worked. It was so sexy, especially as he used to leave it like that for a few minutes before fixing it up, and then it would slowly fall down again and so on. Funny the timing, i was looking at grindr the other day and there was this cute asian with his singlet exactly like that. Must have been a windy day i guess lol
  5. Wow some hot conversation in this thread. I been batting off to it while also looking at pics of dudes in sideless shirts haha
  6. I love sideless shirts, mesh clothes, freeball sagging and badass guys who swear heaps and listen to fcuking loud music
  7. Sounds hot man! Let's see some pics 🙂
  8. Today's sideless shirt twink https://www.instagram.com/alveselii/
  9. How about this? Sagging when u go out (preferably freeball) and nude at home 🙂 Deal?
  10. Omg wetwetwetnl I didn't know u had an instagram page. Man the pics on there 🙂 Like po*n haha
  11. Yeah i have answered the door in just my boxers, fcuk a shirt, it's an awesome feeling haha. One time i had a massive boner when i answered the door for a pizza delivery and i was tenting pretty big but the hotty delivering didnt seem to notice.Pretty common for me to take the trash out nude at night
  12. School or business shirts are sexy when they get really wet in the rain because they start to go translucent and u can kinda see the guy's chest through it :-)
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