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  1. Same dude as above, wearing a nice singlet haha
  2. Hotty from Twitter. Search twitter "thatfreeballer" for more
  3. Wow that's hot. Some good looking boys rubbing their junk in public there haha
  4. Another hotty on a video i was shown through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/reel/982433412311691?s=yWDuG2&fs=e
  5. https://www.facebook.com/reel/5243036689138477?s=yWDuG2&fs=e Delicious Asian lad in a sideless shirt
  6. A couple more. Wish i was working on the farm with those boys lmao
  7. When my bf and i were about 17 or so we were in the city for the day and i managed to get my sexy slim asian bf to travel all the way home shirtless with me on the bus. He was so fuckin sexy. My stop was about half an hour from the city so he got out with me and we walked through the park on the way to my house and stopped to say goodbye, kissing and hugging shirtless in the dark. Cars were passing on the main road but no headlights shone our way. We were both horny as fcuk and i started sliding my shorts (no undies that day) a bit lower and a bit lower and a bit lower as we made ou
  8. Actually further to this I've gotten a bit worse haha and often fcuk the shorts and just walk around the house with my massive hardon swinging from side to side for the enjoyment of my bf. It feels so fuckin good and it looks better now i shaved some of my pubes. Sometimes i sit down for a bit and it's so hot just sitting on the lounge with a massive boner sticking up, looking at my phone like it's the most casual thing ever while my sexy asian bf goes past in a slutty tank and footy shorts doing whatever he's doing. I think he walks past more often than he needs to lmao
  9. I love wearing short footy shorts without any undies at all haha
  10. Yeah sometimes i rub one out and other times its hot to get up and walk around the house doing a massive tent in my shorts to taunt my bf
  11. I always thought it would be hot to have a roommate and sag in their shorts pretending not to realise that they're not ur own and wait until they comment haha
  12. You might bump in to these two cuties at a summer festival ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Lol calm down, this is not grindr ๐Ÿ˜›
  14. Love freeball sagging, sideless shirts, hot guys who swear heaps and listening to fuckin loud music (like on the threshold of pain). Anyone know more about how certain frequencies of bass makes you horny? I heard it's been scientifically shown or something
  15. I reckon you'd rock the look Lee ๐Ÿ˜
  16. Yeah that dude is sexy as. Wish we could see more
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