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  1. Where in the bay area are you located?

  2. Has anyone seen the movie Kids (1995) Bunch of teen boys sagging and having sex. Great movie to check out saggers
  3. They do offer free shipping. however you have to pay custom fees when UPS delivres your package. I had to pay $50. I am going to dispute the charge with my credit card company
  4. With the 3pk it is $9.98 each which is a great price. i might purchase a few packs. I wonder if it includes the premium boxers or just the original boxers?
  5. Does it only work for Euros because it is not working for USD
  6. The promo code doesn't work on the 3pk surprise. Any other codes available?
  7. They have a surprise 3pk for $29.95 which is only $9.98 per pair which is cheaper than the per unit with the 10% discount coupon code http://www.freegun.com/en/men/boxer/original-boxers/pack-surprise-x3-431.html
  8. Should form a partnership all year around to get the discount year round. Can't wait because i want to buy some more but they are a little bit expensive.
  9. Saggeworld.com should form a partnership with Freegun like they did with Sly Collective. What do you guys think?
  10. i love sagging briefs and then a pair or 2 pairs of boxers someone should post a pic
  11. I would show them by pulling down my own pants and boxers a little bit at a time. I'll also do the same to their pants and boxers. Another question, would you allow them to sag and go shirtless around the house, wear just boxers, or even go naked? I would allow them to do all 3
  12. I always piss in my 2 pairs of boxers when i get up in the morning before i get ready to go to work. Sometimes i wear bb shorts with it.
  13. Wait! What?!? We are supposed to be wearing something???
  14. I so want to go to your house and steal them
  15. i love doing that. sometimes when i am in the locker room, i just let my pants and boxers drop to the ground and pull up my shirt and then piss exposing my ass
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