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  1. I got Crank Dat in my head now and I ain't even heard the song today!

  2. Damn, he's hella sexy! Perfect thin body, tat game is amazing. Sag is so sexy!
  3. Feeling a little groggy and blah after the receiving the second covid vaccine on Tuesday. Sagging low while I'm working is def. helping me to feel  a little better. 

    1. Lee249


      Hope you feel better soon mate. Glad to hear that sagging at work is taking your mind off the grogginess. Take care x 

    2. wxsaggerNick


      Thanks. I feel better today. I'm not tired and my left arm is not sore anymore. 

  4. very nice and sexy saggers in all 3 vids!
  5. Latino bros are so f uckin hot! Love their dark complexion, and if they're sagging more than 3 inches, it's a bonus. Especially if underwear is showing. Also, latinos look so amazing in xxx videos. They are the most likely ones to wear their hats in crazy directions, which I love. I think all bros need to experiment with hat directions. Sideways and diagonal tilted is really hot! But if you're gonna sag, wear a flatbill hat and leave the sticker on it or put it on the underbill! If you're not a sagger, a regular curved brim hat is acceptable.
  6. I like any kind of sagging. I love below a ss and d ick with regular fitting jeans. The skater look where you wear a short tshirt that is colorful and graphic. Baggy boxers that are on display, and light blue skinny jeans below a ss with a studded belt. And if you're gonna show your underwear, a flatbill hat diagonal and tilted should go with the look. That is f ucking hot to me!
  7. Mac Miller 2011 concerts are so hot! His sagging in concerts in 2011 was so dope!

  8. Nice recent c-walk sags. Needs a shorter shirt so we can those underwear better!
  9. I'll describe my math and how I've came up with it. First - figure out your long term frequency of j erking off. My long term frequency of j erking off is probably every other day (every 2 days) at the most frequent. I'm 36 and 2 months now. I started j erking 2 months before I turned 13. So that's 23 years and 3 months that i've been jerking off or 23.25 years. Multiple your years of j erking off times 365. Then divide that number by the amount of days in between o rgasms. In my case 2; it could be 3 or if you have been j erking off every day since a teenager, then you won't have to divide.
  10. Same as billowed. Boxers that are 2 sizes too big can be pulled out and billowed easier. Meaning if you wear a shirt 1 size smaller than normal, your boxers will easy be on display.
  11. i love skater saggers who wear short shirts but baggy boxers. Make your boxers puff and stick out even when only sagging half. Once you do that, you gotta leave your boxers puffed out the whole day. And if you show your boxers like that, a backwards flatbill is necessary to complete the look.
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