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    I am 35 and have been sagging for over 20 years off and on.
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  1. hell yeah bro! I've jerked off and pissed outside in the woods and in a few indoor places.
  2. hot new saggers on the banner. 

  3. At least he looks like a decent sagger here. nice undies!
  4. since they are most likely under 18, i'll just say dope sagging.
  5. hot low sagging below ass yo

  6. mm yeah. so f'in hot! I've done public jerking/pissing as well.
  7. First couple of bros are hot as f--k! Amazing body and hot sagging!
  8. f uckin gorgeous! he needs a huge load on those abs!
  9. I got Crank Dat in my head now and I ain't even heard the song today!

  10. Damn, he's hella sexy! Perfect thin body, tat game is amazing. Sag is so sexy!
  11. Feeling a little groggy and blah after the receiving the second covid vaccine on Tuesday. Sagging low while I'm working is def. helping me to feel  a little better. 

    1. Lee249


      Hope you feel better soon mate. Glad to hear that sagging at work is taking your mind off the grogginess. Take care x 

    2. wxsaggerNick


      Thanks. I feel better today. I'm not tired and my left arm is not sore anymore. 

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