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    I am 35 and have been sagging for over 20 years off and on.
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  1. Love sagging low while working from home. 

  2. wxsaggerNick


    sexy sagging for all vids!
  3. Sagging low while working from home. Grey bballs below c ock and a ss and orange bbs.

    1. SaggersRhot


      Sounds nice! 😁 can you take a pic

    2. wxsaggerNick
    3. SaggersRhot


      Very nice 🤩

  4. wxsaggerNick

    More Jerkers Sagging Low

    F uckin amazing thread. Sags are so hot and awesome.
  5. wxsaggerNick

    2 Saggers Fighting

    hot sagging!
  6. wxsaggerNick


    mm. he’s cute. sexy sagging too!
  7. I was just curious about if any of you guys remember the website sagging-style.net? And did that website morph into saggerworld?
  8. I found me a donut shop in which only 1 person works there, and it's a good looking guy. I have sagged below butt there, then yesterday I pulled my boxers down in the front and showed him my pubes. He hasn't said anything, yet. 

    I want to keep going with this (e.g. keep teasing him) and just keep having fun. 

    1. ElCarnicero


      How do you know he's interested in the first place?

  9. wxsaggerNick


    that's zach randall. He does gay p orn. He's normally in p issing vids.
  10. wxsaggerNick


    Amazing sag bruh.
  11. wxsaggerNick


    Ryan Scheckler - so f uckin cute.
  12. wxsaggerNick


    s uck my d ick and let me j izz on those hot abs.
  13. wxsaggerNick


    very nice.
  14. wxsaggerNick

    Hot boy

    Old pic, but still very nice. Skaters used to sag lower.
  15. wxsaggerNick

    sagger extremo

    very hot, love it.

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