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  1. Anyone currently j/o? PM me if you wanna have fun. 

  2. Anyone edging right now? If so, pm me. 

    1. ElCarnicero
    2. wxsaggerNick


      Edging means when you are j erking off and getting close to c umming, but not c umming.

    3. ElCarnicero


      Ah, yes, I looked it up.

  3. Really hot sagging and adult pics on flickr. Go check out my faves on flickr. Username is wxnick296. It's got be mad boning!

    1. wxsaggerNick


      be should say me. 

    2. ElCarnicero


      Huh? These are your pics?

  4. Even some amateur vids seems like most young good looking guys thoroughly enjoy s ucking d ick. They like to pleasure their friend. It seems like for women, it's like ewww I gotta s uck this thing?! And the faces and pre-cum shakes on guys when their buds s uck them is way better then when women s uck them.
  5. Sagging below a ss is addictive as f-ck and feels awesome. Also, to me cargo shorts must be sagged below a ss to look right! And diagonal or sideways flatbill looks pretty awesome too. 

  6. I sleep in only boxers, sometimes I sag my boxers. Sometimes I sleep nakey though
  7. Mf amazing! Yep if you jerk or cwalk, you gotta get your sh it under the ass, and you need to show your underwear. No matter if you're not good at it; you gotta sag low. It's the fashion of the game.
  8. Working from home is great. I get to sag low while I work and wear my flatbill hats. ( I don't have to be on camera for video calls). 

  9. After 2:15. 2:45 and 4:15 are good too. 4:50.
  10. Mmm. Delicious especially after 3:10. 3-12-5:05 is amazing and dope! And 8-8:20, but throughout the whole video.
  11. Rest easy bro. He would have been 29 today. I'm gonna sag under the butt today in camo shorts to honor him.
  12. Rest easy Mac Miller. He would have been 29 today. I think I'll honor him by sagging camo shorts low all day long (even in public). He sagged camo shorts on some of his blue slide park concert shows. And sipping on some moonshine most of the day will be fitting too. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. wxsaggerNick


      i doubt it. but his 2010-2012 sags were amazing. 

    3. ElCarnicero


      I've since researched him.

    4. Lee249


      RIP Mac Miller. He had such an amazing sag for us to enjoy. Sadly taken away too soon x  

  13. Very tipsy on a mix of peach moonshine/strawberry spike mike's drink.

    1. ElCarnicero


      Now someone can take advantage of you, hehe!

  14. Just commented on the Celebrity Sagging gallery with more Mac Miller sags. I couldn't post the photos, so I just commented on other Mac Miller sags. 

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