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    I am 31, have a wonderful girlfriend. I love bowling, bingo, and the movies.
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    singing, dancing, bowling, weather, geocaching, walking, of course sagging
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    Data Analyst/Oceanographer/Meteorologist
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  1. wxsaggerNick


    damn, these sags are f uckin hot and so low! keep it sagging mad low bro!
  2. wxsaggerNick


    such a hot sag
  3. Im sagging green gym shorts low with red and white baggy boxers and a red t


  4. hey love your screen name. you studying to be a meteorologist?

  5. wxsaggerNick

    "Sag Challenge"

    awesome sag and tricks.
  6. wxsaggerNick

    Two great vids.

    hot sags bros! keep the pants mega low!
  7. wxsaggerNick

    What are you wearing right now?

    Forgot the most important part- lol. Was sagging below ass and barely on d ick b4 co worker got there. After he got there I pulled up to about 40% sag and slowly lowered for 8 hours off an on to about a 3/4 sag mainly in the front. I had most of my d ick above my belt. At one point I had my d ick out of my boxers' fly with the dome of it tucked into the part between the piece that catches the end if the belt and the buckle.
  8. wxsaggerNick

    What are you wearing right now?

    Earlier today I wore an orange tshirt with yellow izod boxers and light blue faded glory shorts. Had on black socks when with orange silver and grey new balance shoes.
  9. wxsaggerNick

    tumblr lwxdswAdpA1qa1ytxo1 500

  10. wxsaggerNick


    Very hot
  11. Couldn't find how to create an album so here's my double sag from earlier today while cleaning the bathroom 



  12. wxsaggerNick


    Damn. Cute hair and nice face!
  13. wxsaggerNick

    What are you wearing right now?

    Lee- your sags are so amazing and so low! Love it!
  14. wxsaggerNick

    What are you wearing right now?

    Saggbboo- f uckin hot sags bro! I have those pink ae boxers too. The red ones look so good on you too. Sexy hat too with the sticker still on it. Mm hell yes!
  15. wxsaggerNick

    Got your Christmas sag on?

    Damn wow those are all hot. Love it!😃

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